Juhahn Jones

"Chris Tucker meets Eddie Murphy with an interruption from Martin Lawrence."
Contact him at 301-437-8582 or

Mikey Masini

"Vince Vaughn meets Mark Ruffalo and Johnny Knoksville in New York. A freakin’ one man band ."
Played Pro Hockey until 2004; booked 20+ National Commercials; "50 Pills" on Comedy Central.

Judilin Bosita

"If Tina Fey, Juno, and Lizzy Caplan came together and made an Asian baby."

Commercial Representation:
Q Model Management:

Buckley Sampson

"Debra Messing's funny meets Cynthia Nixon's style in SEX IN THE CITY with the looks of Annette Bening."
Buckley can be seen on numerous commericals. Currently airing: Tylenol, AT&T, Subway, Petsmart, Purex and soon a holiday K-MART spot.
Represented Theatrically and Commerically by Amsel, Eisenstadt and Frazier, Inc.
323 939 1188

Nakia Syvonne

"Gabrielle Union meets Merrin Dungey ."
Avalon Artists Group -
(323) 692-1700
F (323) 692-1722

Contact: 310-696-9247

Brian Drolet

Representation - Barry Katz

Theatrical - Pakula King

Commercial- NTA

*  *  *

*  *  *

Currently playing various characters to prank unsuspecting daters on "MTV's Disaster Date."

He has starred in eight independent features, and has written, produced, and starred in the comedy feature "2 Dudes And A Dream" set to release December 1st through Warner Bros/Gravitas Ent/Empire Film Group, with actors Andy Milonakis, Jay Mewes, Jon Abrahams, and Simon Rex, plus many more.

Brian was also featured on season one of "MTV's The Hills" performing Stand Up Comedy at the Laugh Factory. He has also performed at the Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd.

In his first DVD release "American High School," Brian's comedy compared to the likes of Jim Carrey and Michael Keaton.

Beth Triffon

"Young Annie Potts: Don't cross this quirky girl next door to your East Village apartment."

Commercial Agent:
Avalon Artists Group
5455 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 692-1700


Katy Allen

Theatrical and Commercial Rep: AKA
"Ginifer Goodwin meets Reese Witherspoon wrapped up in a blonde, doe-eyed package."

Nick Renaud

"The cool/dorky guy you hope gets the leading lady; the love child of Mark Ruffalo, Adam Broady, and Shia LeBeouf."

Dino May Management: 818-752-3700
Commercial Rep: Abrams Artists: 310-859-0625

Amanda Michaels

"All the best parts of Anne Hathaway, Robin Wright Penn,
Jennifer Connelly, and Mary Louise Parker."
Amanda Michaels is a theatrically trained actress with over a dozen
independent films to her credit since beginning her film career in 2007,
many of which are currently screening in the 2009 festival circuit.
See for more on the actress.

Jan Lashly

"Shia Labeouf meets Sean Penn."
The Corsa Agency
(310) 231-7010

Mandell Maughan

"Courtney Cox and Amanda Peete's adorable, younger sister who will bust your balls and buy you a beer afterwards."
Thomas Richards-The Corsa Agency
(310) 231-7010
Matt Sherman Management
(310) 385-1133

Stephen Steelman

Don Buchwald & Associates / Fortitude
Neil Bagg

Coast To Coast Talent Group
Hugh Leon

Luber Roklin Entertainment
Danielle Lenniger

"Michael C. Hall + Matt Damon = Stephen Steelman"

Exie Booker

"The love child of Vin Diesel and Forest Whitaker."


Dean Cates

"If Ron Livingston was a young, irritated college professor;
a young Tom Hanks meets Jason Bateman." (reel, more pics)


Jeff Witzke

"Eric McCormack Gets Smart."


Annie H. Savage

"If Judy Greer and Cynthia Nixon had sexy time together,
Annie Savage would be their offspring."
Commercial: Film Artists Assoc., 818-883-5008

Rachael Besant

"Christina Applegate guests on Law and Order"

Jules Hartley

"A Heather Graham, Jodie Foster, Cameron Diaz parfait."

Contact 310-595-5162

(310) 475-2111
(818) 769-9111

Michael Cotter

"Jake Gyllenhaal meets a young Steve Carell."
Commercial: Pinnacle - 323-939-5440

Ryan Kyler Bailey

"A Greg Grunberg/David Denman type with the humor of Seth Rogan and the timing of John C. Reilly. Superb improviser, sketch guy, super funny everyguy."

. . . one of the funniest character guys around.  What a find!”  --Lesly Kahn

Contact: 310-926-5887
Commercial Agency: TGMD

Matt McKane

Comedy: "A cross between Paul Rudd and Vince Vaughan. A really intense, super cute frat guy."
Drama: "A younger, more handsome Michael Madsen."

Agency: Rebel Entertainment
Phone: 323-935-1700

Manager: Generate Management
Phone: 310-255-0460

Contact: 310-776-0471

Tammy Dahlstrom

Apple pie meets Apple Martini."
Theatrical: Avalon Artists 323.692.1700
Commercial: Coast to Coast 323.845.9200