Rachelle Carson-Begley

Official Website
Cell : 818 429 7434
"Professional meets Gucci meets Desperate Housewife"
Rachelle is currently appearing and producing the Series "Living with Ed" with her husband, Ed Begley Jr. She has worked as an actress for... oh let's say... for a really long time!

Victoria Kelleher

Theatrical Representation:
Hayley Littman
Littman Talent Group

Commercial Representation:
Pam Sparks
Sutton, Barth & Vennari
p: 323.938.6000

Theatrical Management
CHAOTIK Management
6446 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Greg Rikaart

Currently staring on CBS's "The Young and the Restless"

Kyle Fritz Management

Ro Diamond, Susie Schwarz & Steven Jang
SDB Partners

Brandon J. Sornberger

"Adam Brody on an American version of Flight of the Conchords."

Brandon J. Sornberger is a seasoned improvisational and sketch comedian with a penchant for the dark and cosmic. His last show, All or One, was dubbed "beautifully rhythmic, sinister and playful." He also has a talent for hosting game shows.

Mavrick Artists Agency
Jay Schachter
Melanie Truhett
Messina Baker
Reign Agency
Laura Soo-Hoo

Imogen Church

"A young Joan Cusack meets Joan Allen."
Imogen Church
US CELL: 001 310-666-0591UK MOBILE: +44 7951190307
In my former British life I was a critically acclaimed actress and award-winning screen writer leading a devilish double life as an international Burlesque star. Having been awarded the 0-1 visa for awesomeness, and being new to L.A. I seek representation, roles, and red velvet cake.

Jill Remez

Theatrical Rep: Angel City Talent (323)656-5489
Commercial Rep: Commercials Unlimited (310)278-5123
Voice Over: CLI (323)461-3971

Chris Starr

"Matthew Damon meets Broderick."

Chris left his native small-town Nevada for Harvard, before high-tailing it to Spain, to a life of tapas and guapas: he wrote, lived, loved, ate, drank, and played in a cover band, tasting la vida llena all the while, from the metros of Madrid to the surf of San Sebastián.

Now based in LA, Chris has come back to his first love: acting. (Writing and playing music will be staying on as full-time mistresses, however... please don't tell acting.)

Contact: Lisa Wright, Greenlight Management and Production;
Direct: 775-217-3133