Elizabeth Bogush

Innovative Artists
 Agent: Craig Shapiro

Margie Weiner Management
Manager: Margie Weiner

Heather Stephens

"Sultry Claire Danes that makes being bad oh so very good. Cinnamon and cream with a dash of red pepper. A young Julianne Moore meets Jenna Elfman meets Laura Linney sauteed in sweetness and spice. Beautiful girl next door w/ a wounded heart."

Denise Richards

Agency: International Creative Management
Phone: 310-550-4000

Publicist: PMK*BMC
Phone: 212-582-1111


Jolie Jenkins

"She's the perfect sitcom wife, Marlo Thomas on THAT GIRL, a young Patricia Heaton & new Mary Tyler Moore."

"An angel with a platinum halo and a lyre that wails Zeppelin."

Theatrical Agency / Talent Works
August Kammer
3500 W. Olive Ave. #1400
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 972-4300

Schumacher Management
Mark Schumacher 
10323 Santa Monica Blvd. #101
LA, CA 90025
(310) 277-0939

Samantha Mathis


Agent: Brad Schenck
Phone: 310-288-8000
Fax: 310-288-2000

Megan Boone

"Angelina Jolie meets Mandy Moore."

AJ Langer

Alanna Ubach

Agency: The Gersh Agency
Phone: 310-205-5835

Manager: Margrit Polak Management
Phone: 213-482-0777

Poppy Montgomery

"Was on WITHOUT A TRACE. A wonderful, transformational, incredibly warm and loveable actress."

Brad Schenck: Talent Agent
Phone: 310-288-8000
Fax: 310-288-2000

Framework Entertainment
Peg Donegan: Manager
Phone: 310-858-0333
Fax: 310-858-1357

Lauren Stamile

"A young Mary Tyler Moore and Audrey Hepburn meets Teri Hatcher and Sandra Bullock. She can turn the world on with her smile ONCE & AGAIN. A young, professional Penelope Anne Miller, Judging Amy, and Patricia Heaton who is smart, educated, upper crust."

Agency: The Gersh Agency
Phone: 310-274-6611

Manager: Schumacher Management
Phone: 310-277-0936

Sally Pressman

"Sarah Jessica Parker and a young Kyra Sedgewick and Kristen Chenoweth meets Elisabeth Shue. The determination of Tracy Flick in ELECTION with the upbeat, sexy tomboyishness of Mary in SOMETHING ABOUT MARY."
Agent: Darren Boghosian
(310) 776-8181
Manager: Mike Smith
Principal Entertainment
(310) 446-1466

Contacts: 917-584-6086

Carrie Anne James

"The love child of Heather Graham and Jodie Foster (who acts in a million languages)."

"a standout...beautiful but wise-countenanced...she is fragile, tough & heartbreaking" -Film Journal International

Jen Kelly, Manager
SC Entertainment

Jeff Pride

"Dennis Quaid meets Chandler Bing on horseback."

Agency: Lewis and Beal
Phone: 818-380-3099

Elizabeth Schmidt

"A young, sardonic Allison Janney with the quirk of Maggie Gyllenhaal. Jennifer Connelly, Reese Witherspoon and Rachel McAdams."

Contact: 646-298-0520
Commercial Representation: TGMD Talent Agency - 323-850-6767

Tyler Poelle

"Seth Meyers meets Fran Kranz and a young Mathew Perry."

AKA Talent Agency

Schumacher Management
Mark Schumacher

Contact: 323-333-8128

Alison Turner

“A young Geena Davis meets Sandra Bullock with the sardonic wit of Allison Janney.”

Contact: 323-336-7175

Steve Taschler

" A younger Hugh Laurie meets a young Judge Reinhold, Tom Hanks, and Tim Hutton who is also the town hero and has an IQ of 200."
Monica Barkett, GLOBAL ARTISTS

Contact: 323-513-6495

Keith Ducklin

"The love spawn of Paul Giamatti and William Shakespeare, he's an astute corporate conniver, who just might take your kids out for fava beans and chianti."

Phil Brock
(310) 393-8004

Contact: 310-696-8566

Craig Lee Thomas

"The love child of Paul Rudd and Dick Van Dyke."

Kim Matuka

Brad Diffley
Mavrick Artists Agency Online Talent Group
323.382.0620 / 310-927-9157

Contact: 570-574-1786

Emily Moffat

"Georgia peach type--a Witherspoon-ful of Shelley Long meets Elizabeth Banks."

Agent: Natalie Chase
Red Talent

Reel and Resume available here at Actors Access
and at

Brea Cola

"The American Thandie Newton."
James Boyle
The Atherton Group

James Symington
Prodigy Talent Group

Adrienne Berg, Dedra Galiher, Larry Wiedemann and David Ziff

For more info, visit

Nico Evers-Swindell

"Hugh Grant goes to prep school and joins the Dead Poet Society."

See my big screen debut this week with Mel Gibson and Ray Winston in Edge of Darkness! Opens Jan 29!

Vikram Dhawer

Jenny Levine

Agent - Jackson Agency, Matt Jackson, (323) 424-7300,
Manager - Katie Mason, Luber Roklin, (310) 855-2211,
Commercial - SBV, Pam Sparks, (323) 938-6000,

Contact: 323-770-4170

Gina Novish

"Laura Linney meets Hope Davis as editor of Vogue."
Management: 6-8-10
Manager: Kay Carr

Contact: 310-699-5703

I've been Jay Leno's doctor and a world traveler on "The Tonight Show," did loads independent films, print jobs, worked with the Wooster Group and Mabou Mines in New York, did tons of musicals, Shakespeare, Chekhov and Brecht , I was the stand-in for Mena Suvari in "American Beauty"...and I am an equestrian!

Chuck Bunting

"The illegitimate son of Jim Belushi and Chris Farley."

Sally Kadison,
(323) 850-6767


Chris Schneider

Should be getting all the work Stephen Tobolowsky doesn’t have time to do.

"A handsomer Chris Elliott and a funnier Anthony Edwards meets Stephen Tobolowski. Also a softer-lipped, flatter-chested Angelina Jolie."

Commercial Agent: Brady, Brannon and Rich.

Contact: 805-297-0746

Gloria Calderon Kellett

"If America Ferrera was your helpful neighbor -- with a heaping side of Janeane Garofalo."
Agent: United Talent Agency (UTA), Jason Egenberg, 310-273-6700
Manager: Odenkirk/Provissiero Entertainment, Naomi Odenkirk, 323-960-4777
Contact: 323-702-1670

Jaime Moyer

"Kathy Bates, Kathy Kinney, and Kathy Najimy. Sure, her name isn't Kathy, but Jaime Moyer is as saucy as all three combined."

“ . . . one of the funniest women I’ve ever met.” -Lesly Kahn

Bruce Economou
Pine River Entertainment

Commercials Unlimited
WME Entertainment


Kim Patrick

"A reluctantly regal pillar of Audra McDonald-like strength, who -- once you've earned her trust and unlocked her heart -- transforms into a patchwork pillow of delicate vulnerability."
Theatrical Representation
Erich Smith - Affinity Artists Agency
5724 W. 3rd St. #511, Los Angeles, Ca 90036

Commercial Representation
Travis Engle, Affinity Artists Agency
5724 W. 3rd St. #511, Los Angeles, Ca 90036
Direct: or (336)997-4106

Don't let the demure smile or the sultry eyes fool you: Kim Patrick will dominate you in a New York minute if you mistake her femininity for weakness. The 25-year-old actor, who was born in North Carolina to an African American mother and Cherokee Indian father, is tough as nails, and keeps mastering roles as women who pull no punches.

See her in the upcoming feature film "Wigger" coming to theatres in April 2010. Patrick stars alongside Anna Maria Horsford and Emmy nominated actor, Meschach Taylor, in this riveting, urban drama.

Rachael Kemery

"Jennifer Garner meets Chyler Leigh."

Contact: 717-574-9049

Manager: Adel Nur
Three Tier Entertainment
Agent: Galit Finkelstein
Lewis and Beal Talent

Emily C. Chang

"MING NA meets JESSICA BIEL in a lab coat. She knows the square root of sexy."
Commercial Agent:
Laura Soo Hoo
Reign Agency

Contact: 646-373-2443

Emily recently won a NY Emmy® Award for her hosting work on the documentary series, "China On the Frontlines." She has a Masters in Performance Studies from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied with Anna Deveare Smith & brushed up her theater chops, including performances at The Public Theater, The Kitchen, and HERE. Right before her recent move from NY to LA, she played the title role of Kay in Colin Hearts Kay, an indie feature premiering now at film festivals.

Ryan Daniel Dobson

"The American (Better-Looking) Hugh Grant."

Direct: 310-280-6287

Deborah Miller
Shelter Entertainment
Phone: 310-550-0826

Theatrical Representation
Pam Ellis
Ellis Talent Group
Phone: (818) 980-8072

Commercial Representation

Soooo I just played Dr. Spence Pierce on Lifetime's THE PROTECTOR as well as ARTHUR ACTOR on AMC's new Online Series THE TRIVIAL PURSUITS OF ARTHUR BANKS  -- my writing partner and I recently sold a webseries to FREMANTLE NORTH AMERICA! Giddy-up. And I'm in production on a romantic comedy period piece short film that I wrote and am starring in (dang it! There the hanging preposition is again). Also, I love to ski, father, and compliment other people.
Thanks for reading this far... you're a kind, thoughtful person to have done that.