Steve Montfort

"A young, slim John Goodman, SO likeable and adorable. Randy Quaid, Woody Harrelson, Kevin James - but skinnier. COOL HAND LUKE."

Agency: Avalon Artists Agency
Phone: 323-692-1700

Heath Hyche

"Three Toms the charm: Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, and a touch of a clean-cut Tom Green. Jim Carey, Matt Perry meets Red Skelton. So likeable, sweet and vulnerable. Woody of CHEERS meets Jim Carey."

Agent: International Creative
Phone: 310-550-4000

Kathryn Gordon

"Felicity Huffman meets a Patricia Clarkson-Marcia Cross-Kirsten Davis-young Kathleen Turner souffle . . . a business professional with a secret smile and a snuggly, soft heart."

Agency: AEF
Phone: 323-939-1188

Manager: Lovett Management
Phone: 310-451-2536 

Eddie Shin

"An optimistic Asian versian of John Cusack in a dim sum food fight with Will Smith. Jeremy Piven, Seth Green, John Cho. He is JUST FANTASTIC."

Agency: APA
Phone: 310-888-4271

Manager: Meghan Schumacher Management
Phone: 818-788-4825

Richie Keen

"Just a brilliant comedian. Neurotic everyman who has trouble with women meets Matthew Broderick. A la Seinfeld and Ben Stiller - the next sitcom dynasty. Fisch from Ally McBeal, Matthew Broderick, Ross on Friends, and a slick businessman."

Agency: Creative Artists Agency
Phone: 424-288-2000

Manager: Lonestar Entertainment
Phone: 310-275-4182

Jamie Elman

"Ferris Bueller meets Elvis Costello. Incredibly bright and funny and appealing. Matthew Broderick, John Cusack, and Paul Reiser."

Theatrical: Pantheon Talent
Phone: 310-201-0120

Agency: Amanda Rosenthal Agency
Phone: 416-925-4255

Manager: Genesis Entertainment Partners
Phone: 323-944-0978

Arriane Alexander

"Missi Pyle with the sexy confidence of Jennifer Coolidge."

Manager:  Eileen O'Farrell
 818 985 3136 
 11653 Blix St, Ste 2  Valley Village, CA 91602

Agent:  The Ward Agency, Kate Ward
 323 466 7566
 1617 N. El Centro # 15
Hollywood, CA 90028 

Commercial Agent: Luciano Reeves Talent
 323 939 1122 
5055 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 865
Los Angeles, CA 90036 

As an actress, TV host, and expert on all things sparkly, I am an expert in living life in a bold way.  You've seen me on Justified, Grey's Anatomy, Mistresses and in 2016-- American Crime Story and I'm Dying Up Here.   You also see me hosting What's Happening LA and LA Art Zone I have a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and think that laughter, chocolate, and lipgloss are what really matter in life.

Octavia Spencer


Agent: Don Buchwald and Associates
Phone: 323-655-7400

Josh Hopkins

"Dean Cain meets Sam Avalone. Tom Selleck, Christopher Reeves, & Sam Malone. Quintessential tall, dark and handsome."

Agency: The Gersh Agency
Phone: 212-997-1818

Aisha Tyler

Agent: ICM
Phone: 310-550-4078

Manager: Roar
Phone: 310-586-8222

Armie Hammer

"Heath Ledger meets Ryan Gosling. Young Matthew McConaughey, young James Spader, Jude Law, Ethan Hawke. (So cute, mid 20's, tall and handsome); starring in Aaron Sorkin’s SOCIAL NETWORK."

Agency:  William Morris Endeavor
Phone: 310-248-2000

Jesse Soffer

"Sarcastic hacker meets James Dean, Ed Norton, Matt Damon, Vince Vaughan, & Patrick Wilson. The beautiful, All-American boy next door who's really just like DEXTER."

Agency: Innovative Artists
Phone: 310-656-5115

Manager: The Collective
Phone: 310-288-8181

Commercial: SBV
Phone: 323-938-6000

Victor Webster

"SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT'S swagger while charming you with a Clark Gable smirk. Young Burt Reynolds, Dirty Harry & Sean Connery."

Agency: Innovative Artists
Phone: 310-656-0400

Manager: The Schiff Company
Phone: 310-385-1960

David Hornsby

"Anthony Michael Hall as FRASIER's (other, younger) brother. If David Hyde Pierce was in 16 CANDLES. Gregg Germann meets a young Dylan Baker."

Manager: Schachter Entertainment
Phone: 310-712-3730

Tony Denison

"You know him -- was on PLAYMAKERS and recurs on THE DA. Is currently on THE CLOSER on FX.  Is just WONDERFUL. NO ONE loves acting more."

Agency: Stone Manners Salners Agency
Phone: 323-655-1313

Manager: Gem Entertainment Group
Phone: 323-462-2688

Ashlee Olivia

"The sultriness of young Eartha Kitt meets the sass of Jada Pinkett before the Smith."

Diverse Talent Group
Robin Nassif

Todd Stashwick

"Bill Murray meets Aidan Quinn. The man with the master plan with Red Bull running through his veins. I got a "6th Sense" about Todd Stashwick: he's a little Caddyshack when he's not "Being John Malkovich."

Agent: APA
Phone: 310-888-4271

Manager: Meghan Schumacher Mangement
Phone: 818-788-4825

Andrew Leeds

"The love child of Mark Ruffalo and a young Rowan Atkinson on Ferris Bueller's day off."

Agency: Talent Works
Phone: 818-972-4300

Manager: Matt Sherman Management
Phone: 310-385-1133

Todd Grinnell

"Paul Rudd meets Chandler Bing and Jason Bateman. A young Tom Hanks behind the bar at CHEERS. Quick and funny."

Agency: Nick Collins at The Gersh Agency
Phone: 310-205-5835

Manager: Valeo Entertainment
Phone: 323-654-2222 

Josh Meyers

"The love child of a slick American Hugh Grant and a young Martin Short. Owen Wilson meets Jay Mohr surfing with McConaghey and Seth Meyers."

Agency: United Talent Agency
Phone: 310-273-6700

Manager: Principato Young Management


Adam Garcia

"Prince Charming just got scruffy, sexy and a little more interesting. Adam Brody meets a fresh, young Dylan McDermott. John Stamos meets Paul Rudd. Tom Hanks, Adrian Grenier, Ralph Macchio, and Jerry Lewis."

Agency: Innovative Artists
Phone: 310-656-0400

Manager: Tom Drumm
Phone: 310-278-8234


Chris Wiehl

"All American quarterback next door with an edge."

Agency: APA
Phone: 310-888-4271

Manager: Sanders and Armstrong Management
Phone: 310-315-2100

Commercial: AKA Talent Agency
Phone: 323-965-5600

Maggie VandenBerghe

"Finola Hughes meets Julia Ormond."

Jordan Davis


"Mark Feuerstein replaces Joey on Friends."

. . . SUCH a great type . . . SUCH a funny guy!” --Lesly Kahn

Theatrical Manager
DIRECT: 954-914-9718

Arlene Tur

"Michelle Rodriguez meets the exotic beauty of Penelope Cruz; the bite of Roselyn Sanchez and the purr of Salma. FASTER and MORE FURIOUS than any of the guys."


The Collective
Leonard Torgan

Becky Wu

"Tougher than the samurai girl and more animated than Mulan with the voice of a sexy jazz singer."


Kimberly Kevon Williams

"A younger, prettier Thandie Newton with the sass of Gabrielle Union. Watch out for this young, pretty, sweet princess. A black Rachel McAdams."

Carrie Wiita

"Used to be a mouseketeer, grew up into the HOUSE BUNNY. Reese Witherspoon on crack meets Isla Fisher and Leslie Mann."

Manager: Omnipop Talent
Bruce Smith
Phone: 818-980-9267

Paola Turbay

"The Columbian Demi Moore meets Courtney Cox and sizzles. The Latin Jennifer Connelly, but sooo much sexier and with a little Elizabeth Hurley."

Todd Felix

"Data meets a smart Frat boy who will climb a tree to save your kitty. Bily Elliott all grown up. A blonde Zack Braf. Billy Elliott with Brendan Frasier's physique."

Agency: Rebel Entertainment Partners
Phone: 323-935-1700

German Legaretta

"Puerto Rican Mark Ruffalo with Ricky Martin's pizazz and dance moves."

Ursula Taherian

"Teri Hatcher meets Alyssa Milano."

Agency: Pakula/King and Associates 
Phone: 310-281-4868

Manager: Meghan Schumacher Management
Phone: 818-788-4825

Alex Quijano

"Steve Guttenberg meets Gene Kelly, charming, warm, turns the heart on, enchanting, dark chocolate, won't dance, don't ask me . . . oh well, on second thought; standing on the front porch, top hat on, invitation in hand."

Theatrical Manager
Flutie Entertainment

Jay Montepare

"A young Steve Guttenberg & Dennis Miller meets John Stamos. Jason Schwartzman meets Billy Wilder on a good hair day. A smart-mouthed Mark Ruffalo meets all the young, cute Italian stand-ups. David Schwimmer, Eric McCormack, and Paul Rudd."

Jenny Mollen

"Tricia Heffer sexiness with the gravitas of Evan Rachel Wood and the looks of a young Karen Allen. A much prettier, edgier, everything-er blend of Jordana Spiro and Amy Smart. Tricia Helfer, Angelina Jolie, and Cameron Diaz."

Agency: Rebel Entertainment Parners
Phone: 323-935-1700

Manager: One Talent Management


Merrill Davis

"Cate Blanchette meets Janeane Garofalo."

Theatrical Manager:

Enigma Entertainment
Chrystian Dulac

Commercial / Voice-Over:
Reign Agency
Laura Soo Hoo


Marti Rich

"A sensual beauty whose whimsical talent is full of moxie. A mix of Rachel McAdams and Courtney Cox with a splash of Demi Moore."

. . . why isn’t she a lead series regular on a drama OR comedy yet?”  --Lesly Kahn

Commercial Agent: Hervey/Grimes
Marsha Hervey
(310) 475-2010