Demarius Mack

Agency: Clear Talent Group
Phone: 818-509-0121

Manager: Luber Roklin Entertainment
Nick Roses

DIRECT: 678-234-8043 (Mother is Melinda)

Hannah Brylowe

Agency: KSR
Phone: 818-769-9111

Manager: Nick Roses
Luber Roklin Entertainment
Phone: 310-289-1088

DIRECT: 305-299-2613 (Mother is Dorothy)

Dasha Flynn

"Exotic Nikita-esque spy meets the quirky charm of Natalie Portman."

Commercial: Tracy Mapes at Imperium-7

I was born in Moscow Russia and am a fluent speaker of Russian and French (however, have no accent in English). I intensely studied ballet in both Russia and America. I studied acting at the University of Washington and the Sorbonne in Paris.

Steven Adam Ellison

"Ryan Reynolds with a boyish charm."

Ted Gekis
Gekis/Ribera Management

Jennifer Bernardi and Sally Kadison
TGMD (Commercial)

Lauren Buglioli

"The sincerity of Reese Witherspoon with the sass of Rachael Harris."

Agency: AKA Talent Agency
Doug Ely
(323) 965-5600

Nima Dabestani

"Mark Ruffalo meets Joseph Gordon-Levitt with the dry wit of Kevin Spacey."

KSR Talent
Theatrical: Patrick Wellborn

Commercial: Alicia Ruskin
(818) 769-9111

Monika Mar-Lee

"Lucy Liu's little sister- she'll break your heart, or kick your ass."

Brianna Barcus (Vice President)
Clear Talent Group
Main: 818-509-0121
Direct: 818-509-8738

Reel/Headshot and Resume:

Dallas Arce

EMAIL: (Mother is Amy)
DIRECT: 323-620-4260

Alev Aydin

"James Dean with a cool, New York confidence and his heart on his sleeve."

Nathan Habben
Sovereign Talent Group

Charles Heitner
Empire Media Management

Michael McCusker

"A sexy Jesse Tyler Ferguson with the comedic force of Zach Galifianakis."

Commercial: John Pierce Agency (JPA)
Phone: (323) 378-5929



Morgan Burton

DIRECT: 614-906-4096
EMAIL: (Mother is Stacy)

Dania Ramirez

"One part Halle Berry, one part Jennifer Lopez, three parts spice and seduction. Jennifer Beal with Rosario Dawson's personality."

Agency: International Creative Management
Phone: 310-550-4000

Commercial: Special Agents Agency
Phone: 310-859-9688

Manager: Jeff Morrone Talent Management
Phone: 310-271-0019

Megan Park

"Reese Witherspoon's kid sister crossed with Amy Smart, Kate Hudson and Rachel McAdams."

Agency: Paradigm
Phone: 310-288-8000

Agency: Fountainhead Talent
Phone: 416-538-6888

Manager: Burstein Company
Phone: 310-454-9462

E.J. Marin

Agency: Buchwald Talent Group
Phone: 323-852-9555

Manager: Nick Roses
Phone: 310-289-1088

EMAIL: (Mother is Iliana)

Brie Bernstein

Agency: ABA Talent Agency
Chris Ledford
EMAIL: (Mother is Suzanne)

Graysan Thieman

Agency: Green and Associates Talent
Phone: 310-550-9333

Manager: Luber Roklin Entertainment
Nick Roses
Phone: 310-289-1088

DIRECT: 740-350-6655

Madison Lawlor

DIRECT: 605-391-9759
Contact: Patricia Lawlor (Madison's Mother)

Nikki McCauley

"Kyra Sedgwick meets Debra Messing."

Manager:  Principal Entertainment
Phone: 310-446-1466

Jennifer March

Manager: Luber Roklin Entertainment
Nick Roses
Phone: 310-289-1088

DIRECT: 513-315-7525

Tanner Maguire

Agency: Coast to Coast Talent Group
Phone: 323-845-9200

Manager: Evolution Entertainment
Phone: 323-850-3232

Ashley Hamilton

"If Beowulf and George Carlin had a kid who grew up with Colin Farrell. James Marsden on the outside, Woody Allen on the inside. Hugh Jackman? Ben Affleck? Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Val Kilmer."

Ashton Holmes

"A young Ryan Phillippe meets Ben Foster, Patrick Wilson, and Jamie Bell."

Agency: United Talent Agency
Phone: 310-273-6700

Manager: Jeff Morrone Talent Management
Phone: 310-271-0019

Jeff Enden

"The Guy Next Door with Peter Berg's edge and Scott Wolf's soul. A much better-looking Joe Pesci. Tough, cool, very funny New Yawka."

Commercial: RPM Talent Agency
Phone: 323-460-6196

Kelli Dawn Hancock

"Aisha Tyler meets a young Wanda Sykes."

Manager: Tim Jordan and Eunice Lee
Gold Levin Talent

Commercial Agent: Jennifer York
TGMD Talent

Tyler Hadbavny

Manager: Dino May Management
Phone: 818-752-3700

Shawn Pyfrom

"The young Marlon Brando's sweet, self-deprecating son. Leo Decaprio meets Chris O'Donnel."

Agency: Innovative Artists
Phone: 310-656-5120

Manager:  Podwall Entertainment
Phone: 323-951-0411

Asher Book

Agency: Paradigm
Phone: 310-288-8000

Manager: Living The Dream
Phone: 301-524-7300

Manager: Management 101
Phone: 818-753-5200

Nathan Coenen

Agency: Clear Talent Group
Phone: 818-509-0314

Manager: Gel Entertainment
Phone: 310-247-0123

Alexander Ludwig

Agency:  International Creative Management
Phone: 310-550-4000

Manager: Untitled Entertainment
Jason Weinberg
Phone: 310-601-2100

Nolan Funk

Agency: Creative Artists Agency
Phone: 424-288-2000

Manager: Untitled Entertainment
Phone: 310-601-2100
Manager: Infinite Artists
Phone: 604-875-8381

Stacie Davis

"Aisha Tyler's spunkier younger sister."

DIRECT: 323.793.3100

Beth Crosby

"Joely Fisher's younger competition. If Molly Shannon and Tia Leoni did a tribute to Carol Burnett."

Commercial Agency: Laura Soo-Hoo
Reign Agency

Beth is a Los Angeles based actor/ writer , a Groundlings Sunday Company Alum, and a creator of viral comedy videos. Her viral videos have gotten millions of hits, and have been featured on TMZ, E!’s Daily Ten, Fox’s Good Day LA, NY Post, NY Daily News, The Insider and ABC World News. Credits include: “Jonas LA” (Series Regular as “Aunt Lisa”) “Greek”, “LOGO's New Now Next Awards”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live! “ “MAD-TV”, “Crosbyliciousat the Comedy Central Stage, “Sunday Wicked This Way Comesand “Sunday and the Banditat the Groundlings Theater, Second City’s National Tour of “Sex and the Second City, and “Second City’s Romeo and Juliet Musicalat Chicago Shakespeare. Beth was also a 2010 LOGO “New Now Next” award nominee for her hit web-series “Jessica and Hunter”, of which she is the co-creator. Improv and sketch training includes the Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade and Improv Olympic West. Graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama.,,