Elisabeth Hower

"Reese Witherspoon with the grounded depth of Amy Adams and the comic timing of Kristin Wiig."

Scott Simpson

Ken Treusch/Bleecker Street Entertainment

La La Vazquez

"The flare of Beyonce Knowles meets the tenacity of Rosario Dawson."

Agency: ICM
Dana Sims

Manager: Collective
Steven Grossman

Kristin Wald

"Eliza Dushku meets Anna Faris and Rashida Jones in THE OFFICE."

The Osbrink Agency
Angela Strange & Crista Augustynovich

Kristin Wald was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and began her journey as an actor, dancer and performer at the age 5, when she decided that she wanted to be Paula Abdul.  She then went to study Medical Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison...a logical step (and proceeded to perform in musicals, while not playing with petri dishes, and was nominated 'funniest female' every year).  She moved to Chicago and studied acting and improv (Second City) while pursuing a corporate career.  Four years later, she's left the corporate ladder and is back in LA loving every minute of this acting journey!

Kelly E. Smith

"Sissy Spacek plays Juno."

Agency: AKA Talent
Chip Hooley

Commercial: AKA Talent
Mike Abrams

Manager: Maier Management
Ted Maier

Annamaria DeMara

"Latin Mila Kunis with the sex appeal of a brunette Charlize Theron."

Commercial: Nick Terzian Agency
Phone: 323-969-0113

DIRECT: 310-709-6749

John Halbach

"John Krazinski's everyman with the romantic charm of Colin Firth."

Agency: Synergy Talent

John just made the move to LA from New York City.  Major New York credits include: Roundabout Broadway Revival of "Tartuffe," NYC Fringe hit "John and Greg's High School Reunion" (which he also co-wrote), and "Children at Play" for which he was nominated for the New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Actor in a Leading Role. 

Jake Miller

"The charm of  Matthew Mcconaughey meets life of the party Jason Stackhouse."

Agency: Aqua Talent
Phillip Espinoza

DIRECT: 818-926-6041

Michael J. Sielaff

"The goofy son of James Cromwell who can be found working with the Geek Squad at Best Buy."

Agency: Theatrical: Allensworth Entertainment
Stephanie Allensworth

Commercial: DDO Artists Agency
Matt Taylor

Kristy Webb

"The bad-ass tattooed love child of Lucy Lawless and Tina Fey that involuntarily channels Gilda Radner."

DIRECT: 310-228-7279

Mark Sande

"Adam Arkin, maybe a tad neurotic, but everyone's favorite dad."

Commercial Agent: Ideal Talent
Anne Buchman

Comic or dramatic, hysterical or reserved, neurotic or buttoned-down, I'm having the time of my life playing dads, shrinks, priests, rabbis, corporate types and loving husbands.

Jessalyn Wanlim

"The Asian Jessica Alba in a Judd Apatow movie."

Direct Contact:

Agent: Mitch Shankman 
Kazarian, Spencer, Ruskin & Assoc. 
(818) 769-9111

Allan McLeod

"Soft and cuddly with Sahara dry humor, he's Elliot from E.T. meets Dwight Schrute from The Office."

Evan Cavic
Principato-Young Entertainment

Laura Soo Hoo
Reign Agency

Jeremy Brandt

Your basic leading man.

"Bradley Cooper meets Christopher Meloni."
Lesly Kahn says, 
"Yummy Acting"
"I am BEYOND thrilled with Jeremy!"

Artistic Talent, Inc. (Theatrical Agent)
Annette Robinson

Sohl (Commercial Agent)
The Sohl Agency

Ilko Drozdoski - (VO)

Direct - 310-770-5213

Robert Arbogast

"Eric Bana meets Christian Bale."



DIRECT: 626-399-1858

Maria Bertrand

"A cross between Julianna Margulies, Amy Brenneman from her NYPD BLUE days and Evangeline Lilly. Claire Forlani meets Carrie-Ann Moss in the boxing ring at the NYPD."
Agency: LA Talent
Phone: 323-436-7777

Puja Mohindra

"Parker Posey meets Frieda Pinto's younger
sister in GOSSIP GIRL."

Theatrical Manager:
Affirmative Entertainment - Claudia Guevara
425 N Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: 310-858-3200 ext 7
Fax: 310-858-8999
Theatrical Agent:
Peter Strain & Associates - Agents: Susie Tobin & Todd Maginn
5455 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 1812
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: 323-525-3391

Commerical Agent:
Cunningham Escott Slevin & Doherty (CESD)
Phone: 310-475-2111

Currently recurring on ALL MY CHILDREN & starring in the comedy, A WIDOW OF NO IMPORTANCE at East West Players, which runs Sept. 8 - Oct. 9. For more info, go to:

Fernando Rivera

"A young John Favreau with the charm of a Latin Paul Rudd."

Agency: Daniel Hoff Agency
Anna-Leigh Simmons
Phone: 323-932-2500

Commercial: Jordan McKirahan Talent Agency
Jordan McKirahan
 Phone: 818-955-8350

Manager: Rectangle Entertainment
Avi Simon
Phone: 323-655-0587

Kamar de los Reyes

Agency: Talent Works
Phone: 818-972-4300

Manager: The Schiff Company
Phone: 310-385-1960

Nicole Boy

"The babysitter you don't want your husband to meet. Think Winnie Cooper as a foreign spy."

DIRECT: 239- 940- 1684

Laura Spencer

"The charm of Amy Adams with the quirk of Zooey Deschanel."

Agency: Pantheon Talent
Phone: 310-201-0120

Manager: Omnipop Talent Group
Phone: 818-980-9267

Ashley Wright

"Chloe Sevigny meets Judy Greer."

Direct: 818-804-0582

I am relatively new to the Los Angeles market. I just moved here from Virginia where I received a BFA in Theatre Performance. Since moving out here, I have participated in various workshops, and recently starred a stage version of The Breakfast Club as Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case) at Tres Stage Theatre in Hollywood.

Ann Hu

"Lauren Graham meets Lucy Liu, with the gravity of Maria Bello."
Agency: The Glick Agency
Phone: 310-593-6500
Commercial: Cunningham Escott Slevin and Doherty (CESD)
Phone: 310-475-2111
Theatrical REEL
Voice-Over REEL
Commercial REEL
Direct: (917) 757-4150

Daneel Harris

Agency: The Gersh Agency
Phone: 310-205-5809

Manager: Untitled Entertainment
Phone: 310-601-2110

Ken Marino

"Jerry Lewis in Dean Martin's body."

Agency: IFA Talent Agency
Phone: 310-659-5522

Manager: Principato Young Management
Phone: 310-274-4474

Literary: Agency for the Performing Arts (APA)
Phone: 310-888-4217

Chris Shyer

"Young Warren Beatty meets Peter Gallagher on a FIELD OF DREAMS who lives in Silver Lake and plays rock and roll, brother.  He is so Harry Hamlin meets Mick Jagger! Dennis Quaid, Richard Chamberlain and a more manly Nureyev."

Agency: Don Buchwald and Associates
Phone: 323-655-7400

Manager: Open Entertainment
Phone: 323-378-5361

Alyssa Preston

"Michael Pfieffer meets DROP DEAD DIVA."

Agency: House of Representatives
Phone: 310-451-2345

Manager: Prodigy Talent Group
Phone: 310-733-3173

Jay Ellis

"Taye Diggs meets Will Smith."

Agency: Coast to Coast Talent Group
Phone: 323-845-9200

Manager: Main Title Entertainment
Phone: 323-658-8383

Amy Main

"Eliza Dushku with the sexuality of Mena Suvari."

DIRECT: 323-336-5291

Heath Cullens

"The humor of Jon Stewart and Paul Rudd with the vulnerability of Tobey Maguire."

Courtney Cook

"A dainty, tough firecracker who will see your Holly Hunter and raise you an Amy Sedaris."

Agency:  Commercial Talent
Sheila Di Marco
Phone: 310-247-1431

DIRECT: 323-405-7371

A new transplant from NYC, Courtney has a recent co-star role on "Glücksboten" for ZDF German Television and had a recurring on "Guiding Light." Her film "17 to Midnight," a Film Noir piece in which she played a Lead role, won an award at the Staten Island Film Festival and is now playing in other festivals. Also, she can currently be seen in a national Blue Buffalo Dog food commercial.

Evan Taubenfeld

"A younger edgier Cillian Murphy with the depth and fragility of Kurt Cobain."

Agency: ICM Entertainment

Manager: Red Baron Management
Phone: 310-321-7828

Avril Lavigne's longtime collaborator & music director/lead guitarist. Warner Bros records solo artist & EMI music publishing songwriter/producer.