Mckenzie Cowan

"A young Andie Macdowell meets Jennifer Finnigan."

Manager: AFG Management
 Karen LaVoie
Phone: 310-413-5745

Cara Danielle Brown

"Young Mary Louise Parker meets Liz Lemon."

Growing up, Cara had been performing in New York festivals before choosing to study acting at the prestigious Northwestern University.  After appearing in the university's acting showcase, Cara landed a 6-month regional tour with Healthworks Theatre Company, as well as performance opportunities with such established Equity Chicago theatres as The American Theatre Company and Apple Tree Theatre.  She has performed sketch comedy throughout Chicago and was being considered for the title role in a play produced by David Schwimmer's theatre company, The Lookingglass Theatre, before recently relocating to Los Angeles.  Cara can currently be found studying improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade. 

Jimmy Heck

"Channing Tatum with the toughness of Scott Caan."

Agency: GLA
Gar Lester
Phone: 818-769-1400

Management: The Kohl Group
David Kohl
Phone: 323-533-6344

Print: Coast to Coast
Wendy Bogdan
Phone: 323-845-9200

About Jimmy Heck:
 Jimmy Heck is a former semi-pro soccer player and began his sports career playing for the San Francisco Vikings. He went on to play soccer throughout the United States and abroad, including countries such as Germany, Belgium and Holland.

A young man of both German and Italian decent, Heck was the Student Body President at his alma mater, Junipero Serra High School, from where he graduated in 2003. He graduated with a BA degree in Theatre Arts, and Legal Studies, from UC Santa Cruz in May 2007, where he appeared in several stage productions. Jimmy Heck is one of six kids.

Josh Costell

"Josh Hartnett meets Joseph Gordon-Levitt."

Managment: Luber Roklin Entertainment
Nick Roses

Theatrical: Lewis & Beal Talent
Galit Finkelstein
Commercial: Lewis & Beal Talent
Nancy Luciano

Annunziata Gianzero

"Angelina Jolie meets Ellen Pompeo."

Manager: Actors without Borders
Phone: 323-464-2220

Theatrical Agent: James Boyle
The Atherton Group
Phone: 323-482-1746

Joe Komara

"Bradley Cooper on Glee."


Dance Rep: Clear Talent Group
                                          Pete Engle                                          
(818) 509-0121

Agency: Daniel Hoff Agency
Dave Secor
(323) 932-2500

Nefetari Spencer

"Vivica Fox meets Anika Noni Rose on 30 Rock."

Agency: Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier
Mike Eisenstadt
 Phone: (323)939-1188 

Commercial: Amsel, Eisenstady & Frazier
Gloria Hinojosa
Phone: (323)939-1188  

Manager: Trusik Talent Management
Paul Trusik
Phone: (310)659-7550 

Shaan Sharma

"Kal Penn meets Cliff Curtis; doctor by day, assassin by night."

Manager: Studio Talent Group
Phil Brock

Commercial: AKA Talent Agency
Doug Ely


Lisandra Vazquez

"Lea Michele with the sass of Sara Ramirez."


Luke Patton

"A young Patrick Dempsy with the audacity of an untrained puppy meets Shia Labeouf."

Agency: Diverse
Phone: (310) 201-6565

Manager: The Kohl Group
David Kohl
Phone: (323) 533-6344

Branca Ferrazo

"Marisa Tomei meets Eva Longoria."
Direct: 818.478.0446

Commercial: Lewis and Beal Talent
Nancy Luciano
Phone: 818-380-3099

Brea Grant

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Agency: Talent Works

Manager: Oren Segal
Media Talent Group

as seen on Heroes, Friday Night Lights, and H2

Robyn Cohen

"You'd cast her as the lead in THE RED tent."

Agency: Progressive Artists Agency
Phone: 323-850-2992

Manager:  Schachter Entertainment
Phone: 310-712-3730

Nathan Shrake

"Colin Hanks and Jon Cryer play 'Woody' from Toy Story."

Agency: Progressive Artist AgencyBernie
Carneol and Belle Zwerdling

Manager: McKeon Myones Management
Mel McKeon and Laura Myones

Commercial: Vision Talent
Pam Lyles

Courtney Lamb

"Laura Linney meets Kristin Wiig."

Theatrical: Circle Talent
Jennifer Garland
Phone: 310-496-4501

Commercial: LA Talent
Ashley Partington
Phone: 323-436-7777