Elvis Nolasco

"He's tougher than Denzel with the poise of Sidney Poitier annd stealth like Jackie Chan. Don't mess with this guy, he'll shank you with a smile.  All the best qualities of Don Cheadle, Jeffrey Wright, and Al Pacino."

About Elvis:
Elvis Nolasco was born in New York City, the second of three sons. From a young age Elvis was drawn to entertainment, when as a young boy he would spend evenings dancing to Latin music in his family home. His love of salsa led to an interest in break dancing, where he spent nights dancing with legendary break dancers, Soul Sonic Rockers and Rock Steady Crew. His dance ability and style would later help to open doors to establish a solid career that spans film, theatre and television.

The acting bug bit him in high school where he took his first theatre class. He soon moved to Philadelphia to study acting where he began winning a succession of leading roles in theatres around Philadelphia including the Arden, Freedom Theatre, Walnut Street Theatre and American Musical Theatre Festival. It was not long before Elvis was picked to co-star in the hit comedy I Like It Like That with Lauren Valez and Academy, Grammy Tony and Emmy winning actress Rita Morena. Soon Elvis was cast by Spike Lee for the cast of Clockers with Meki Phiffer and Del Roy Lindo. Elvis began building a line of great performances in several independent hits. Including his critically acclaimed role in the film In Search of a Dream, the first all Spanish speaking cast sanctioned by the Screen Actors Guild and the number one grossing independent Latino film.

Elvis has generated a stream of memorable film characters including roles in The Kitchen, Rock Steady, Vodka Rocks, Inconsolable Memories, I’m Not Rappaport, Prison Song, Philadelphia, and Secuestro on the Showtime network.

Elvis has guest starred in several television series including Law & Order, NYPD Blue, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU and Third Watch. He appeared in the recurring role as Abe in the Spike Lee series, Miracle Boys. Elvis continues to appear on stage, working both off Broadway and regional theatre including New York Theatre Works, Baltimore Center Stage, Young Playwright Festival and INTAR. He was last seen in the smash hit NYC off-Broadway production, “Celia: The Life and Music of Celia Cruz.”

Benjamin Montague

"Bob Balaban meets a young George Carlin."


Santino Jimenez

"If the love child of Kevin James and Jack Black were Mexican."

Sylvia Ferguson & Associates
Sylvia Ferguson, Terrell Ferguson

Sarah Levy

"The charm of Amy Adams with the spunk and wit of Sarah Jessica Parker."

A native of Toronto, Canada, I've had the pleasure of becoming a self-proclaimed Californian over the past year.  After graduating with a degree in theatre from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I moved out to LA with the help of my GREEN CARD. Thank god for one of those.  I've bounced all over the place since being here, from UCB to Second City to Margie Haber, and have finally settled myself in Lesly's nest.

Divine Management

Reel and Resume

Josh Crotty

"Paul Walker's crazy frat bro meets Wes Chatham on speed. The guy you want to have your back, and once he does, he's yours for life. The social chair of his frat; smarter & more interesting than his little bro. Young Mel Gibson/Travolta, Ryan Phillippe."

Contact: 360-721-9632

Mike Birbiglia



Brad Beyer

"Young Nick Nolte meets Phillip Seymour-Hoffman and a young George Peppard at Sundance. Matt Damon and a young Robert Redford meet John Ritter and Thomas Hayden Church."

John Eric Bentley

"Dennis Haysbert (the President on "24") kickin' it with Will Smith. Suave, smooth younger Denzel with the sophistication and class of Sidney Poitier, the athletic prowess of Carl Weathers, and the comedic timing of Will Smith and Eddie Murphy."



John F. Beach

"Ryan Reynolds on the O.C. meets Colin Farrell, Matthew Perry, and John Cusack."


Randall Batinkoff


Laz Alonso


Chris Santos

Michael Klein
The MAK Company
The Girlfriend Experience Lead/Chris STEVEN SODENBERGH Dir. / 2929
Amongst Friends Principle/Young Andy Rob Weiss Dir. / Fine Line
Upon request
Improv, Martial Arts, Fitness Expert, Cycling, Swimming, Motorcycle, Firearms,
Accents (New York, Southern, Australian)

Lesly Kahn - Intensive Scene Study

Kat Higgins

"A spunky Sarah Silverman meets Jennifer Connelly, Sandra Bullock & Pamela Adlon."

Theatrical Agent: Steve Glick. Glick Agency. 310. 593. 6500
Commercial Agent: John Kolinofsky. Aqua Talent Agency. 310. 859. 8889

Born in Manhattan Beach, California and raised in Larchmont, New York, Kat grew up under the mentorship of the late casting director Phyllis Huffman. With a Tufts University degree in hand, Kat looked up Harold Guskin on and insisted that he be her acting coach. When she noticed she had a natural ability to make him laugh (as well as a few other acting teachers (Michael Howard, Austin Pendleton, Anthony Abeson & Daniel Pardo), Kat began to realize that although she could aptly play dramatic Shakespearean/modern-day roles, her niche was in comedy.

Kat recently moved to Los Angeles where she now trains at The Groundlings and performs standup regularly at various comedy clubs in the area. Over the past months in Los Angeles she has signed with Steve Glick of the Glick Agency (theatrically), Aqua Talent (commercially), booked a national commercial as well as several roles in independent films and web-series (including a series regular role in Ashton Kutcher’s “Katalyst HQ”).

When she is not acting Kat enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, talking to her favorite employee at a local coffee shop, participating in philanthropic work and playing sports. She is an endurance athlete as proven when she biked across the United States with her best friend. As a result, many have started to compare her to Forrest Gump. Kat is not particularly fond of the comparison but admits she does think, "Life’s box is full of chocolate.” She is fully capable at memorizing lines, but not perfect at remembering quotes.

Jud Tylor

"A sexy, bohemian flower girl with a calming aura and kick ass attitude."

Agency: Talent Works
Phone: (818)-972-4300

Alan Dale

"Ruggedly handsome man's man by whom any damsel would dream of being rescued. The sophistication of Sean Connery and the charm of Harrison Ford."

Matt Knudsen

"Conan O'Brien did a cannonball in to a pool of Steve Carell and it splashed on Bob Newhart's sweater."

Agent Info:
Steve Muller
Innovative Artists

Manager Info:
Maggie Houlehan
Parallel Entertainment

Commercial Agent:
Blair Taylor
Commercial Talent

Sean Hamrin

"Comic spark of young Michael J. Fox meets Ashton Kutcher's boyish goofball charm with James Franco's smooth operator style."

Julie Fulop
AKA, 323-965-5600
Carnegie Mellon Drama grad, 2008.
Groundlings trained.

First job acting with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin in "It's Complicated." Green tea enthusiast.

Tara Donato

"Courtney Cox meets Jennifer Garner in this modern day Wonder Woman."

Diane Yslas
Gemstone Talent 
661 263 1332
Sally Kadison
Contact: 646-489-4404

Krista Braun

“Classy, cool & confident with an intellect to boot – has the depth of Patricia Clarkson and the quirk of Tina Fey.”
VIEW CLIP: "The Middle" (ABC)
VIEW CLIPS: "Brotherhood" (Showtime), "Guiding Light" (CBS)

Most recent: Several appearances on ABC's "The Middle" as Brick's school counselor Mrs. Tompkins. Next episode airs Friday February 10th, 8:30pm on ABC!