Wendy Douglas

"A younger Wendy Malick meets a young Joanna Kerns."
"The perfect TV mom."

Agent: Sid Levin 
Phone: 323-653-7073

Manager: Pat Cutler

Elizabeth Gwynne Wilson

"Kristen Davis meets Kristen Stewart with a hint of Audrey Hepburn."

Manager: Veleo Entertainment
Garrett Ramsey
Phone: 323-654-2222

Commercial: Sheila Di Marco
Phone: 310.247.7748

Jennefer Ludwigsen

"Elizabeth Shue with a Phd meets Chelsea Handler."

Bauman, Redanty and Shaul


Fisher Pence
3 Arts Entertainment

Lauren Bronleewe

"Young Holly Hunter meets Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush."

Ayman Samman

"An Egyptian Benjamin Bratt meets Esai Morales"
"An exotic stranger that may sing you a song or may chop your fuckin' head off!"

Almond Talent Agency
David Sacks
P: 323-669-2836 F: 323-663-0028

Anna Maria Alberghetti


Agency:  Bret Adams Agency
Phone: 212-765-5630

Manager: Faye Mayo Management
Phone: 310-475-3333

Drew Gallagher

Manager:  Kritzer Levine Wilkins Griffin Entertainment
Phone: 424-208-7304

Joey D'Auria

"Cuddly Bob Newhart. Abbott but not Costello.  Not Laurel but Hardy."

Agency: Cunningham Escott and Slevin and Doherty
Phone: 310-475-2111

Stephanie Escajeda

"Joan Cusack meets Joan of Arc. Mercedes Ruehl and Lisa Edelstein coffee klatch at Susie Essman's (CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM).  Ms. Cock and Balls 2009 with Rita Wilson, Rachel Griffith, Juliette Lewis, Gina Gershon and Catherine Keener."

Agency: David Shapira and Associates
Phone: 310-967-0480

Hanala Stadner

"If Whoopi were a white, Jewish Yenta."

Marcy McCusker



"Young Jennifer Aniston meets Rachel McAdams (Nightime only). An ambitious/energetic motivator, a reserved/compassionate kindergarden teacher, with the appeal and moves of Britney Spears and Mandy Moore."
Direct Contact Info
cell: 818-731-1633

I just got done working on the ABC Sitcom pilot WHO GETS THE PARENTS with Jane Kaczmarek and Adam Arkin. I recently shot the season finale of COMMUNITY recurring again as "Quendra." I am still dancing too--just wrapped HAROLD & KUMAR 3D where I danced with Neil Patrick Harris, Harold and Kumar. I can also be seen swing dancing in GANGSTER SQUAD.

Dawn Olivieri

"Faith Hill meets Julia Roberts in ALIAS, with a little Beyonce and Cindy Crawford."

Agency: Diverse Talent Group
Phone: 310-201-6565

Manager: Joel Stevens Entertainment
Phone: 818-787-5700

Nadia Dassouki

"A young Renee Russo meets saffron buitous."

Karin de la Pehna

"Mary McDonnell but affordable.  Lynda Carter meets Emma Thompson, Susan Sarandon, Sigourney Weaver and Helen Mirren."

Agency:  Judy Boals
Phone: 212-500-1424

Peter Shahriari

"The Iranian double agent with a heart of gold - Horatio Sans meets Anthony La Paglia."

Agency:  Mitchell K. Stubbs and Associates
Phone: 310-838-1200
Manager:  Levity Entertainment Group
Phone: 310-417-4888

Chris Prangley

"Paul Rudd meets the vigor of Josh Duhamel."

Kristin Nava
Abrams Artists (commercial)

Wendy Bogdan
Coast to Coast (print)

Sketch Tapes

Sara Wells

"A delicious combination of Kristin Chenowith and Charlize Theron."
Agent: April Baker
Brass Artists and Associates
Manager: Paul Uvanitte
LA Management

Kay Wilson

 "Natalie Portman meets Ginnifer Goodwin
with a touch of Tracy Flick (aka Reese Witherspoon) in Election."

Commercial Representation:
Laura Molina
Daniel Hoff Agency

Shirley Butler

"Viola Davis plays Condi Rice."

Commercial Agent: Susan Nathe and Associates
Susan Nathe

Alex Thomopoulos

Amir Shahkhalili
William Morris Endeavor
(310) 786-4325

Susie Kantar

"Juliette Lewis meets Ellen Pompeo with Kathleen Turner's voice.  The result of too many martinis at a Variety Christmas party and a chance encounter of Kathleen Turner and Jesse James in a cloak room."

Manger: Momentum Talent Management
Phone: 818-789-2033

Lou Wegner

"A young Brad Pitt who is passionate about dog rescue."

Agency: ABA
Agent: Chris Ledford
Ph: 310-276-1851
Fax: 310-276-3517

Cole Bernstein

ABA Talent Agency
Chris Ledford

EMAIL (Mother is Suzanne)

Sebastian Maniscalco

"The Fonz meets THE SOPRANOS. You'll die -- of laughter or fear, depending on his mood. Mix the presence of Tony Soprano with the wit and charm of Fonzie. "

Agency: House of Representatives
Phone: 310-451-2345

Agency: United Talent Agency
Phone: 310-273-6700

 Manager: The Collective
Phone: 323-370-1500

Jessica Steen

"Young Candice Bergen. ADORE."

Agency:  Bauman, Redanty and Shaul
Phone: 323-857-6666

Manager: Open Entertainment
Phone: 323-798-5757

Alana Stewart

Agent: Hugh Leon
Phone: 323-845-9200

Cynthia Sophiea

"She is the Lois to MALCOLM's MIDDLE, the CJ CREGG to the WEST WING . . . a bit of style, a bit of class - a hot mama with an ass to match. Watch out Christine Baranski. It's Not Nice To Fool this Mother Nature for the New Millenium. Eve Arden."

Manager: JC Robbins Management
Phone: (310) 734-7914

Myra McWethy

Agency: Storm Talent
Phone: 310-428-7453

Manager: Shamon Freitas Agency
Phone: 858-549-3955

Rich McDonald

"A young David Keith meets Matt Damon and Wes Chatham."

Agency: Don Buchwald and Associates
Phone: 323-655-7400

Manager: Verve Entertainment
Phone: 310-558-1500

Greg Vaughan

"He's the handsome, edgy intellectual. Rob Lowe meets Brad Pitt in Fight Club."

Manager: Elevate Entertainment
Phone: 310-651-9935

Johnathan Schaech

Agency: Agency for the Performing Arts (APA)
Phone: 310-888-4293

Manager: Anonymous Content
Phone: 310-558-6000

E-Kan Soong

"The Asian Justin Long."

Eileen O'Farrell
 818 985 3136

Kevin Farley

"Chris' brother. Drew Carrey meets a good natured frat boy party animal at a tractor pull; Barney Rubble/Dick Butkis/Mike Ditka; love child of John Madden & Tim Conway if he played for the Bears; Young Skipper from Gilligan's Island."

Agency: Hyphenate
Phone: 310-601-7117

Manager: AKA Talent Agency
Phone: 323-965-5600

Joe Manganiello

"A goofy little boy trapped in the body of a sexy badass. Brendan Frasier as Wolverine. Hugh Jackman and a young John Travolta. Superman's bigger, better, smarter, smoother, sexier brother."

Agency: William Morris Endeavor Entertainment

Manager: Valeo Entertainment
Phone: 323-654-2222

Lisa LoCicero

"Italian Lena Olin meets Eva Longoria and Leah Remini. Vanessa Marcil meets a lawyer on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES."

Agency: Pakula/King and Associates
Phone: 310-281-4868

Manager: Precision Entertainment
Phone: 323-692-9214

Devon Gummersall

Agency: Agency for the Performing Arts (APA)
Phone: 310-888-4285

Emmett Scanlan

"Hugh Grant meets Hugh Laurie with Colin Farrell's bad-boy side. Jeffrey Donovan (BURN NOTICE) meets a younger Chris Noth. Craig Bierko, James Stewart, and Pierce Brosnan."

Agency: Diverse Talent Group
Phone: 310-201-6565

Manager: The Safran Company
Phone: 310-278-8234

Jonathan LaPaglia

"Clark Kent meets Oklahoma farm boy. Princeton professor of archeology with a ranch in Montana."

Agency: Don Buchwald and Associates
Phone: 323-655-7400

Manager: Untitled Entertainment
Phone: 310-601-2100

Ted McGinley

Agency: Innovative Artists
Phone: 212-659-5111

Manager: Teitelbaum Artists Group
Phone: 310-358-3250

Joey Diaz

"Joey Diaz just KILLS me. I LOVE him. He's a huge, funny mafia-guy type."

Agency: Daniel Hoff Agency
Phone: 323-932-2507

David Rogers

"Jim Caviezel meets Billy Crudup and Clark Kent. Eric McCormack meets Jason Behr. Still waters run deep."

Agency: Innovative Artists
Phone: 310-656-5117

Manager: Titan Talent and Entertainment
Phone: 212-290-8958