Muja Muhammad

"Mos Def meets all of the Wayans."

First and foremost thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to view the profile of Muja Muahammad. I have credits that include radio, film, and theatrical performances. I look forward to meeting and hopefully working with the meantime, I'll leave you with this: The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. ~Nelson Henderson

Manager: Maier Management
Phone: 310-860-0099

Rachel Demarco

"Julia Roberts' Indie Rock Kid Sister."

Commercial Agent:
Diverse Talent Group
Ehab Durzi
(310) 201-6565

Kim Vu

"Asian Ellen Page at Disneyland."

John Tae Lee
Consortium Entertainment

Commercial Agent:
Jeremy Apody
Abrams Artist

Hans Obma

"Young Baryshnikov meets Viggo Mortensen with a quirky twist."
Direct Contact: (310) 867-3638

Manager: Maier Management
Phone: 310-860-0099

Hans Obma specializes in Russian, German and French accents. He is currently recurring as "Horvat" on ABC's General Hospital.

Julie Alexander

"A sweet Judy Greer meets Megan Mullally."

Manager: Terrie Snell
TalentInk LA-NY

Commerical Agent: Janet Tscha
Arlene Thornton and Associates

Julie Alexander is a native New Yorker and Northwestern grad. She earned her chops performing in Chicago, LA, Off-Broadway and touring the country in everything from musical comedy to Shakespeare. Her awards include a Chicago Emmy (Children's Series "Magic Door"), Kodak Short Film Award (Torino Int'l Film Festival), and LA Weekly (ensemble of best musical "Beastly Bombing," and comedy ensemble nomination "Don Juan in Chicago"). She's smart, sassy and bakes a great scone.

Bill Coelius

"Bill Murray as a suburban dad."

Agency: KSR
Alicia Ruskin

Chad Coe

"Today's Cary Grant.  A Young Chris Noth meets a young Matthew Perry.  Adrian Brody's Goofy younger brother meets a young Nick Cage."

. . . why isn’t he a lead series regular on a drama OR comedy yet?  --Lesly Kahn

Revealed Talent Management

(248) 225-7078

Caroline Morahan

"Angelina Jolie with natural warmth and irresistible Irish charm."

Caroline has just relocated to LA from Ireland, where she is one of the country's most popular TV personalities. The Irish media describe her as having "natural screen presence combined with a sparkling personality."

Hosting Agent: Abrams Artists Agency

Commercial Agent: AKA

Manager: Chaotik
Phone: 323-482-1275

Roy Tighe

"Edward Norton meets Jason Biggs."

Affinity Artists Agency

Kyle Villella
Direct (323) 839-1221

Canadian Agency:
Premier Talent Management
Trudy Aronson
Direct (604) 684-6772

REEL # 1
REEL # 2

Kati Sharp

"Young Cathrine Zeta-Jones meets Team Jacob."

Agent: Gary Purdy
Momentum Talent and Literary Agency

Manager: Cutler Management
Phone: 310-471-4400

Meta Golding

"Helena Bonham Carter meets Halle Berry. Young Lena Horne."

Agency: IFA Talent Agency
Phone: 310-659-5522

Manager: A Management Company
Phone: 818-560-8150

Claire Forlani

Agency: Paradigm
Phone: 310-288-8000

Manager: Principal Entertainment
Phone: 310-446-1466

Carina Covella

"A young Andie MacDowell practicing Wicca on the Lower East Side."

Besides acting my main passion in life is travel. One of the craziest things I've ever done is swim in a piranha and crocodile infested lake in the Amazon (the cool water was too good to resist in the sweltering jungle!), and I bring the same sense of adventure and willingness to take risks to my work.

Zack Conroy

"Chase Crawford and Topher Grace meet James Franco."

Global Creative

Ben McGroarty

"Ron Livingston and John Corbett's younger brother who is stuck in middle management and grillin' burgers out back."

Tom Parziale
Visionary Entertainment

Leah Johnston

"Isla Fisher meets Lolita"

Authentic Talent Management
Robert Glennon
718 422 0200

Personal Contact
212 464 8400

Stu James

"Lenny Kravitz meets Taye Diggs"

Midwest Talent Management
(818) 765-3785

Commercial Representation:
David Ziff
(310) 475-2111

Ginifer King

"A young, spunky Debra Messing type meets a more sophisticated Rachel McAdams with versatility - Broadway to comedy to drama. A younger, more beautiful Stockard Channing and Leslie Ann Warren meets Mary Louise Parker and Kimberly Williams."

Agency: Harden-Curtis Associates
Phone: 212-977-8502

Agency: Abrams Artists Agency
Phone: 310-859-0625

Manager: Eric Emery
Phone: 310-859-0625 

Brian Houtz

"Jim Parsons meets David Hyde Pierce."

Agency: RPM Talent
Lisa Smith,

Manager: Maier Management
Phone: 310-860-0099 


Hannah Simone

Agency: Bernie Spektor
Phone: 310-205-5818

Manager: APM
Phone: 323-931-4366

Rebecca Romijn

Agency: United Talent Agecny
Phone: 310-273-6700

Manager: 3 Arts Entertainment
Phone: 310-888-3200

John Stamos

Agency: Willaim Morris Endeavor
Phone: 310-248-2000

Manager: Brillstein Entertainment Pictures
Phone: 310-275-6135

Lila Lucchetti

"If Rita Rudner and Carole Kane had a love child with Jennifer Tilly's voice and Isla Fisher's whimsey."

Agency: Rebel Entertainment Partners
Phone: 323-935-1700

Manager: LA Management
Phone: 818-230-2037

Jacqueline Su-yuo

Manager: Michael Forman Management

Phone: 310 550 1991

DIRECT: 858-243-5351

Aimee Shyn

"Ming Na meets Mary Lynn Rajskub and Sandra Oh with the charm of Jenna Elfman."

Theatrical Agency: 
Sovereign Talent Group

Kaitlyn Samovar

"A blonde Leighton Meester with a dash of Kate Hudson wins the coveted Miss Malibu Title!"

Manager:  Kass and Stokes Management
Phone: 310-385-8500

Direct: 818-384-6690

Eric Kaplan

"Bill Gates meets Egon from GHOSTBUSTERS."

Agency: Creative Artists Agency
Phone: 424-288-2000

Sam Carson

"Young John Goodman meets drinking buddy George Wendt in the Appalachian Mountains with a bottle of moonshine."

Agency: Sutton Barth and Vennari
Phone: 323-938-6000

Manager: Visionary Entertainment
Phone: 323-874-4875

Derek Smith

"A hybrid of Matt Damon and Mark Walberg with the essence of Ryan Reynolds."

Agency: Bobby Ball Talent Agency
Phone: 818-506-8188

Manager: Prodigy Pictures
Phone: 310-462-2310

Gina La Piana

"Tony Montana's little sister meets Julianna Margulies & Julia Louis Dreyfus, livin' la vida loca. JLo, watch out."

Agency: Rebel Entertainment Partners
Phone: 323-935-1700

Manager: Sager Management
Phone: 310-274-4555

India De Beaufort

"Eva Longoria and Audrey Hepburn in a Disney version of BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S meets Princess Jasmine."

Agency: Agency for the Performing Arts (APA)
Phone: 310-888-4242

Manager: The Safran Company
Phone: 310-278-8234

Adam Kang

Nicole Jolley
Amsel, Eisenstadt and Frazier Talent Agency
(323) 939-1188

Next Level Acting Deke Anderson Houston, TX
Walter pridgen workshop, Walter Pridgen Sherman Oaks, CA
The Groundlings, teen improv class Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood Acting class, Helen MCcready Los Angeles, CA
Enrolled in Lesly Kahn's comedy intensive class.

Direct: 713-569-0273

Justin Park

"The interesting look of Michael Pitt, with the deadpan of Bill Murray."

Direct: 310-745-2619

Megan Lester

"Phoebe Cates meets Anne Hathaway. The smart and sassy girl next door."

Body Part Models
Linda Teglovic

FinePrint Literary Management
Management for Authors
Marissa Walsh

I have yet to figure out how to post my resume. There are some things they just don't teach you at USC.

Not that I went there. I went to UCLA. But I'm just assuming.

Anyway, I am an actor and writer. My main focus is comedy. I love performing it, writing it, watching it, subjecting innocent bystanders to it. I grew up watching SNL (Toonces the Cat era), and my dad is a real life Chevy Chase (Christmas Vacation era) so that may explain a lot.

Onto my illustrious career. I grew up doing theatre. Professionally, I've done mostly commercial work, but I want to do more tv/film. I am super proactive, and I believe in the 10,000 hour thing. When I am not logging in those hours, I am foot modeling, shoe modeling and latino-child- size hand modeling. Though professional body part models would argue that hands and feet act too, so I may start counting those hours.

I am looking forward to taking my career to the next level! (I've yet to find a better euphemism for "I need a new agent! HELP!") And check out my half serious advice blog for teen girls:

Lilah Richcreek

"The love child of Megan Fox and Emmanuelle Chriqui dipped in granola."

Theatrical Manager:
Mark Schumacher
Schumacher Management
Phn: 310-277-0930
Fax: 310-496-0662

I have been performing since I was 10 years old. I started 
with dance and singing and then eventually branched out into
acting. I went to the Los Angeles County High School
for the Arts (LACHSA for short) and doubled majored in 
theatre and muscial theatre. After graduation I landed managerial
and theatrical representation while still continuing to hone my craft with the acting Guru herself the wonderfully fabulous Lesly Kahn!

Lilah Richcreek Snapple Facts:
1.) My idea of "cooking" is chopping up vegetables and eating
them raw. I never use those silly pots and pans n' stuff.
2.) I WILL own a portion of the Whole Foods empire one day!
3.) I don't dream. I manifest.