Josh Bowman

Agency: The Gersh Agency
Phone: 212-997-1818

Manager: Management 360
Phone: 310-272-7000

Patrick Dempsey

"...has done everything -- very sexy and a fabulous actor." --Lesly Kahn

Agency: United Talent Agency (UTA)
Phone: 310-273-6700

Manager: Burstein Company
Phone: 310-454-9462

Natalie Pero

"Take Leah Remini's looks, sass and wit and combine it with Rashida Jones' class and intellect."

DIRECT: 248-703-0033

Amber Heard

"Scarlett Johansson meets Denise Richards."

Agency: Creative Artists Agency
Phone: 424-288-2000

Manager: Hyler Management
Phone: 310-396-7811

Bart Braverman

Agency: House of Representatives

Manager: Henriksen Talent Management
Phone: 818-321-4525

Jennifer Landon

"Vera Farmiga meets Naomi Watts with a comedic splash of Kristin Wiig."

Agency: Innovative Artists
Phone: 310-656-5115

Manager: The Collective
Phone: 323-370-1500
2012 Dallas International Film Festival Short starring Jennifer Landon.

Jen Proske

Agency: Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
Phone: 424-288-2000

Manager: Schumacher Management
Phone: 310-277-0939


Leonard Robinson

"A young Robert Guillome meets David Allen Grier."

Agency: AKA Talent Agency
Phone: 323-965-5600

Manager: Schumacher Management
Phone: 310-277-0939

Haaz Sleiman

"Antonio Bandaras and Carols Bernard of "24" star in NY undercover in the Middle East."

Agency: The Gersh Agency
Phone: 310-274-6611

Romany Malco

"Half bad boy Martin half doe-eyed Omar Epps & you'll laugh even while he is making fun of YOU. Roll Eddie Murphy and Tupac Shakur into the same joint and the high would be Romany. A young Lou Gossett Jr. meets Chris Tucker."

Agency: The Kohner Agency
Phone: 310-550-1060

Manager: Mosaic
Phone: 310-786-4900

Amin Joseph

"A buff, young Sidney Poitier with Chris Tucker's sense of humor. Tyrese Gibson meets Tracy Morgan and Jamie Foxx."

Agency: Talent Works
Phone: 818-972-430

Manager: Simmons and Scott Entertainment
Phone: 323-850-5001

Keegan-Michael Key

"The Wayans Brothers in a Brooks Brothers suit who can sell you anything with his jazz hands."

Agency: United Talent Agency (UTA)
Phone: 310-273-6700

Manager: Principato Young Management
Phone: 310-274-2970

Commercial: Special Artists Agency
Phone: 310-859-9688

Christopher Warren

"Lenny Kravitz meets Wayne Brady."

Agency: House of Representatives
Phone: 310-451-2345

Commercial: AKA Talent Agency
Phone: 323-965-5600

Jennifer Melear

"Scarlett Johanssen meets Vera Farmiga but younger with a dash of Courtney Thorne-Smith."

Agency: RPM Talent Agency
Phone: 323-460-6196

Commercial: Industry Models and Talent
Phone: 310-691-7900

Arielle Reitsma

"A combination of Hillary Duff, Jenny McCarthy, and Carrie Underwood."

Jamie Mann

"A sensitive and athletic Angelina Jolie type who you don't wanna fuck with. Kiele Sanchez meets Brooke Langton, Gina Gerson, Ali Larter & Sandra Bullock but younger, hotter and MUCH sexier than all of 'em put together."

Commercial: Innovative Artists
Phone: 310-656-5160

Rachel Germaine

"A ROCKY HORROR Susan Sarandon with a dash of Marisa Tomei and Kaitlin Olson with a Judy Greer shooter."

Theatrical Agency: Pakula/King & Associates
Phone: 310-281-4868

Commercial: Brady, Brannon, and Rich Talent
Phone: 323-852-9559 

Manager: Megan Moller @ Principato Young Management
Phone: 310-274-4474

Crystal Denha

"An exotic Megan Fox."

Agency: HRi Talent Agency
Phone: 818-733-2424

Commercial: Venture IAB
Phone: 213-381-1900 

Jamielee Darley

"A young Ellen Barkin meets Cameron Diaz."

Rich Pierrelouis

"The body of Taye Diggs with the soulfulness of Dan Cheadle, the kind of guy you would let your sister date."

Commercial: Abrams Artists Agency
Phone: 310-859-0625

Jay Phillips

"Dave Chappelle meets Allen Iverson & Ludacris."

Agency: International Creative Management
Phone: 310-550-4000

Manager: Anonymous Content
Phone: 310-558-6068

Mykel Jenkins

Agency: Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier and Talent Agency (AEF)
Phone: 323-939-1188

Manager: Sharyn Talent Management
Phone: 818-609-7463

Commercial: JLA Talent Agency
Phone: 310-276-5677

Kwame Patterson

"Sexy chocolate with a polite serving of a bad ass whooping."

Agency: Kazarian, Spencer, Ruskin, & Associates (KSR)
Phone: 818-769-9111

Manager: Ducklit Productions
Phone: 323-656-1759

Tshaun Barrett

Agency: Pantheon Talent
Phone: 310-201-0120

Manager: Elements Entertainment
Phone: 323-461-2000

Joe Holt

"A young Morgan Freeman."

Agency: Glick Agency
Amy Abell
Phone: 310-593-6500

Manager: Meyer Management
Greg Meyer
Phone: 310-402-5405

Roderick McCarthy

Agency: Nancy Chaidez and Associates
Phone: 323-467-8954

Jae Jung

“Maggie Q Meets Sandra Oh.”

Manager: Maier Management
Phone: 310-860-0099

Yann Bean

"Jake Gyllenhall meets Paul Wesley."

Manager: Leverage Management
Phone: 310-526-0320

Julie Dove

"Tina Fey hooks up with Megan Mullally and Alex Borstein stops by for the afterglow."

Eileen O'Farrell Talent Management
11653 Blix Street, No. 2, Valley Village, CA 91602
818-985-3136 - Office

The Ward Agency
1617 N. El Centro Ave. Suite 15 Hollywood, CA 90028

reel link -

Trevor Torseth

"Bam Bam all grown up. A beautiful beast of a man, Trevor, the lonesome Viking King unites the warring tribes to find peace for his empire, if not his widower's heart."

Theatrical Agent: Alicia Bravatti
Momentum Talent Agency
(310) 858-6655

Manager: Anthony Topman
(818) 230-2037

Commercial Agent: Wendy Morrison
Diverse Talent Group
(310) 201-6565

Ayda Field

"Angelina Jolie meets J Lo at Leah Remini's house.  A pistol, this one. Beverly Hills Fly girl."

Agency: Paradigm
Phone: 310-288-8000

Manager: Untitled Entertainment
Phone: 310-601-2110

Grace Phipps

"If Christina Ricci had a love child that was part True Blood, part Charmed and all Transformers."

Agency: The Corsa Agency
Phone: 310-231-7010

Manager: Media Talent Group
Phone: 310-275-7900

Katie Wee

"A young Lindsay Price."

Theatrical Agent
Amanda Glazer
Kohner Agency
New Wave Entertainment

Commercial Talent
Neil Kreppel

KSR Models
Aurora Lizardi

Sean Bowen

"Justin Chambers meets Penn Badgley."

Agency: Cunningham Escott Slevin & Doherty (CESD)
Phone: 310-475-7573

Manager: Untitled Entertainment
Phone: 310-601-2338

Sam Smith

Agency: House of Representatives
Phone: 310-451-2345

Manager: Schumacher Management
Phone: 310-277-0939

Danielle Pannabaker

Agency: United Talent Agency
Phone: 310-273-6700

Manager: Management 360
Phone: 310-272-7000

Drea DeMatteo

Agency: The Gersh Agency
Phone: 310-205-5835

Manager: Untitled Entertainment
Phone: 310-601-2100

Kristy Johnson

"Kerry Washington meets a young Wanda Sykes."

" . . . gorgeous and talented -- a series waiting to happen . . . " -- Lesly Kahn

Theatrical Manager:
Jim Weissenbach
(323) 933-9860

Commercial Agency:
Brady Brannon & Rich
(323) 852-9559

Theatre Agency:
Kazarian, Spencer, Ruskin & Associates
(818) 769-9111