Sara Barr

"Drew Barrymore and Kristen Bell's spunky Best Friend."

Caitlin Talbot

"Sigourney Weaver meets Marion Cotillard"

Commercial Agent
Lorri Herman
The Culbertson Group

Frances Chewning

"Today’s Teri Garr. A blend of a young Tilda Swinton and Gretchen Mol with the kooky comedic stylings of Judy Greer."

Frances Chewning recently moved to Los Angeles from New York City where she created the hit comedy webseries, The Mimi & Flo Show. She graduated from Harvard with an MFA in acting, and has performed on stage and at comedy clubs throughout the world, as well as in indie films at numerous film festivals including Sundance.

Callie Waterman

"Carrie Underwood meets Kristin Wiig's sarcastic younger sister."

Stanzi Stokes and Kelly Heffernan
Trio Entertainment Group Management
24979 Constitution Avenue #434
Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381

Clark Koelsch

 "Joseph Fiennes meets 
Ryan Reynolds."

 Dreamscope Entertainment
 Julie Abrams  

Voice Over Agent:
Independant Artists Agency
Ferenc Laczko

Rebeca Zamolo

"Anna Faris in House Bunny meets a young Jennifer Coolidge and Shenae Grimes."

Crestview Entertainment
Eric Black
(310) 393-7899

House of  Representatives
Indra Armstrong
(310) 451-3457

Kari Klinkenborg

"Angie Harmon meets Charlize Theron."

Theatrical Rep:
Patrick Welborn: 818-769-9111

Commercial Rep:
Tina Kiratsoulis: 310-271-9111

Danielle Weeks

"The neurotic but lovable young wife with the comedic power of Julie Bowen and Catherine O'Hara."

Ferrantino Entertainment (management)
Brian Ferrantino

Sutton, Barth & Vennari (commercial)
Pam Sparks

Raleigh Lench

"A young, quirky Bebe Neuwirth with the frenetic energy of Monica Gellar.  She's the whip-smart intern who wins in the 11th hour."

Lisa Berman
Berman/Sacks Talent Agency
(818) 753-2339

Arae Murdoch

"Julia Sweeney's wit, meets Merrit Wever's sensitivity. She's the pissed off girl, who thinks she's smarter than you...because she is."

Arae Hails from Canada, where she was named one of the top eight Improvisors in Canada for the C.B.C. Television show "Second City's Next Comedy Legend." Since being on the show she has continued her training with Second City, and performed with renowed international acts at the Calgary International Improv Festival.

Arae has recently relocated to LA and is taking Stand-Up comedy classes with Joanie Coyote alonside training with the wonderful Lesly Kahn.

Libby Baker

"The looks and comedic vibe of Christa Miller and the energy of Julie Bowen; an innocent sexpot."

Theatrical Agent
Annette Robinson
Artistic Talent

Phil Brock
Studio Talent Group

Mykel Shannon Jenkins

"The Sex Appeal of Taye Diggs, the Wit of Don Cheadle and the Intense Focus of Denzel Washington"

Great Vision Artists Talent Agency
Gwenn Pepper
Phn: 310 278 1310

JLA Talent Agency
Kendall Park
Phn: 310 276 5677

Sharyn Talent Management
Sharyn Berg
Phn: 818 609 7463

Andrew Dufresne

"Andrew McCarthy meets Thomas Lennon from Reno 911!"

Kimberly Alexander

"With her disarming smile, this Charlie's Angel could be J.J. Abrams' new muse."

Commercial Representation:
Nancy Luciano, Lewis Beal Talent

Once upon a time, Kimberly Alexander was a ballerina galore turned avid pursuant of a psychology major at NYU.  Bogged down by the lack of creativity in her life and way past her prima ballerina prime, Kimberly left NYU for LA and decided to channel her creativity through spoken word.  Fast forward a couple years, a slew of commercials, a leading lady in a feature film, a co-star on NCIS and more short films than both the Bush's years in office and you can find Kimberly at the Lesly Khanstitute, where she is allowing her right brain to bloom like roses (minus the thorns).

Kimberly also likes crunchy peanut butter, anything Disney and teaching her dog, Batman, superhero tricks.

Nick Tate

Agency: House of Representatives

Nick Tate's Reel - Parts 1 & 2

Nick Tate is Commander B in THE KILLER ELITE
Starring Robert De Niro, Jason Statham & Clive Owen

Shelby Dash

"The sweetness of Mandy Moore with Natalie Portman's edge."
phone (610-420-9893)
I am a free spirit with a type-A work ethic, a USC Trojan, and a Philadelphia native.  I'm ambitious without being obnoxious.  I'm flexible without being flakey.  I'm the coolest cat lover you'll ever meet, and I love to make people laugh.     

Farah Brook

"The smarts of Ellen Page meets the quirky draw of Zooey Deschanel.  The real life Daria."

Theatrical: Defining Artists Agency

Commercial: Global Artists Agency

Manager: M/C Talent Management

Janet Cao

"A young Asian Courteney Cox meets the wit of Whitney Cummings."

BiCoastal Talent
Liz Hanley Raci

Greta Hanley

Sasha Salinger

"Kaley Cuoco meets Scarlett Johansson as the guy's girl… 
who they all want to f***."

Leah Kercheville

"The multi ethnic Rosie Perez with the soul of Diane Keaton and the charm of Kate Hudson."

KJ Cash (Commercial)
Bonnie Black Talent Agency

Anthony Conley
C&C Management

Jenny Rainwater

"A quick witted soccer mom who will steal your heart and solve the case."

Jana Luker and Kathy Keeley
Jana Luker Agency
(310) 441-2822

Adam Karell

"This modern day Jimmy Stewart could work at the Office, and there's a lot to 'McLovin' about him."

Nic de Armendi - Theatrical

Laura Soo Hoo - Commercial
Reign Agency