Giovanni Adams

"Don Cheadle meets Joseph Gordon-Levitt"

RPM Talent / The Agency - Chris Lee (CA)

Rory Uphold

"Busy Philipps meets Kirsten Dunst working at Ameoba Music."

RPM Talent Agency

Stephanie Moy
Luber Roklin Entertainment
Currently pursuing a degree in theatre from the University of Southern California, Rory has spent much of her young adult life focused on music.  After recording an album with artists such as E-40 and Elan Atias (the Wailers), Rory opened for Colby O’Donis (featured on Lady Gaga’s Just Dance) on his club and Six Flags summer tour.  She also played West Coast high schools and middles schools promoting the importance of education on a Cold Stone sponsored tour.  In addition to school, she’s currently working her way through the upper levels at UCB and constantly on the hunt for vintage furniture and that ‘perfect cup of coffee’.

Lydia Medeiros

"The brainchild of Leelee Sobieski and Wendy McLendon-Covey met each other at Hogwarts."

Lydia recently moved to LA from New York City where she worked tirelessly as a stage actress and a playwright off-Broadway.  Lydia captured audiences with her portrayal of "Polina" in THE SEAGULL, "Hattie" in LAUNDRY AND BOURBON, "Annie" in THE REAL THING, "Brutus" in JULIUS CAESAR, "Pvt. Monica Santiago" in W.A.C. IRAQ, "Ruth" in DEAR MR. ROSEN, and "Karen" in KAREN AND TOMAS--just to name a few.  She was also given critical acclaim for her daring and heartbreaking performance as "Lydia" in the original production of THE LIGHT INSIDE.  Lydia could also be seen across Latin America, Spain and Portugal on DESDE WALLSTREET TV as the New York Stock Exchange Spanish and Portuguese correspondent for Winterwheat Communications.  In the few short months Lydia has been in LA, she has successfully landed co-starring and Lead roles in several short films and one feature length Norwegian film premiering in 2012.

Nate Thomas

"Carlton meets Fresh Prince with the swag of Anthony Mackie."

Nick Roses
Total Talent Management
(323) 275- 6500

Narendra (Andy) Gala

"Adrian Pasdar's charismatic younger brother who fights the good fight and plans on running for President one day". 

Peter Young (Theatrical)
Sovereign Talent Group
(310) 474-4000

Alica Ruskin (Commercial)
Kazarian, Spencer, Ruskin and Associates (KSR)
(818) 769-9111

Kurt Patino (Manager)
Rothman/Patino/Andres Entertainment 
(818) 980-8081

Grant McFadden

"The love child of Zach Galifianakis and Seth Rogen, with the charm of Matthew Mcconaughey."

Commercial and Print agent:  John Robertson, DDO Artist Agency. 
323-462-8000 ext. 39,

A story teller.  Offbeat.  A ladies man.  Excellent improv.  Southern.  Loves tacos.

Harrison Kavanaugh

"Ivy league cowboy -- A coalescence of James Dean and Haley Joel Osment."

cell: 949-413-9313

Hailing from Orange County, new to Los Angeles, Harrison Kavanaugh will be a name to look out for.  His intuitive talent and subtle nature evoke those of James Dean and Haley Joel Osment.  As a leading man in the making, Harrison is currently honing his craft with the fabled and illustrious Lesly Kahn.

Samantha Cope

"The cheerleader Hayden Panettiere meets a young Denise Richards on the set of Mean Girls."

Innovative Artists Theatrical
Robert Haas

Gel Entertainment
Omar Mayet

Innovative Artists Commercial
Kim Byrd

James Herda


"A young Ryan Phillippe meets Matt Damon (in 'Good Will Hunting') at an Ivy-League psychology course."

Zero Gravity Management
Ryan Daly and Fernando Allyn

Daniel Mulheran (Commercial)
DPM Talent Agency

Andrew Patrick Ralston

“An amalgam of Paul Giamatti, Richard Dreyfuss and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who is a beloved clerk at a Silverlake bookstore by day and blackmails his enemies by night.”

O’Neill Talent Group
818.566.7717 - theatrical
Sheila at

818.769.9111 - commercials

Tyler Ritter

"Matt Damon and Zach Braff meet Jim Carrey and a banana peel in a corn field"

Manager: Management 360

Bettina Olivieri

A far more sarcastic Christina Applegate. 

"This beautiful girl next door has the comedy of Anna Faris and the quirkiness of Kristen Wiig."

Joe Kolkowitz
Players Talent Agency

Peter Varano
AVO Talent 
(310) 360-7680

Bettina Olivieri was born in St. Petersburg, FL to parents Sal and Nancy Olivieri.  She also has a sister Dawn, who is currently an actor on the Showtime series House of Lies.  Bettina always enjoyed entertaining from a very young age.  Comedy has been a staple to her personality throughout her extensive education.  She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Integrative Biology at the University of Florida, followed by a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Science at Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Throughout her career both as a student and veterinarian, she has always explored her creative abilities.  This drive brought her out to Los Angeles where she currently studies acting, works as a veterinarian, and makes people laugh on a daily basis.  Her favorite quote is, “If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right” (anonymous).  And so far, she’s doing it right!!

Joshua Sawtell

"A sexy Kal Penn shoots a remake of THE KARATE KID with the intelligent wit of Jeff Goldblum."
Theatrical Agent - Avant Artists - Nina A. Vuong
818-609-1556 x801

Commercial Agent - Avant Artists - Chris Roth
818-609-1556 x802

Helen Highfield

"Anne Hathaway meets Amy Adams."

Henriksen Talent Management
Jane Henriksen

Commercial Rep:
Sutton, Barth, and Vennari
Pam Sparks/Rachele Fink

Farah Lavassani

"If Tina Fey played Charlotte York from SEX AND THE CITY."

Commercial Representation
Laura Bowman
Brady, Brannon & Rich
323.852.9559 x 4538