DeRante Parker

"Damon Waynes Jr. meets Lance Robertson (D.J. Lance Rock); Yo Gabba Gabba on Primetime!"

Becca Leigh Gellman

"Anna Kendrick meets Hermione Granger with the spunk of Amanda Bynes."

James D. Boyle
The Atherton Group

Eric Pickering
Synergy Talent

Andre Gordon

Elizabeth J. Carlisle

"Jaime Pressly meets Lucille Ball."

Theatrical Agent

Symington Talent Management

Coast to Coast Talent Group
Commercial, Voice-Over, Print
3500 Barham Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Heather Ann Davis

"An Angelina Jolie/Charlize Theron Russian nesting doll."
Theatrical Agent: Melissa Hirschenson
Agency: Innovative Artists
Phone: 310.656.5123

Theatrical Agent: Jennifer Patredis
Agency: Innovative Artists
Phone: 310.656.5123

Manager: Shepard E. Smith
Company: Shepard Smith Management
Phone: 310.927.2854
Commercial Agent: Brad Diffley
Agency: Mavrick Artists Agency 
Phone: 323.931.5555

Commercial Agent: Peter Novick
Agency: Mavrick Artists Agency
Phone: 323.931.5555

Legal Representative: Derek Kroeger
Law Firm: Felker Toczek Gellman Suddleson
Phone: 310.441.8010

Brandon Wardell

Jonathan Howard
Innovative Artists 

Didi Rea
D2 Management

Faleena Hopkins

The Next Katey Sagal
Looking for theatrical rep and management.  Commercially repped by Clear Talent Group,, 818-509-012,  my own website with reel, resume and VO coming very soon.  res in now on LA Casting and Actors Access.  Thanks Lesly!  xoox

Clare Grant


"The love child of Olivia Wilde and Megan Fox as a surprisingly down to earth sniper/bodyguard"

Genesis Entertainment Partners
Robyn Holt
323 848 4779

Team Unicorn

Amy Vorpahl

"Character actress like Gwendoline Christie with the quirkiness of Amy Poehler."

Shepard Smith
Luber Roklin

Laura Soo Hoo
Reign Agency

Lucan Melkonian

"The love child of George Clooney and Jeffrey Dean Morgan with the comedic styling of Nick from New Girl."

Sarah Glendening

"A young Laura Linney mixed with Rachel McAdams."

Innovative Artists
310 656 5100

Matthew Lesher
Insight Entertainment
323 932 9898

Collin Palomares

"Ben Foster with a twist of Monty Python."

Collin Palomares spent the first eleven years of his life soaking up world influences in countries such as Saudi Arabia, The Philippines, and Italy. This rich diversity of culture bears its mark on his witty and sarcastic sense of humor, as well as his global sensibilities. From grade school through his Bachelor of Fine Arts studies at New World School of the Arts he has pursued the craft with passion and vigor. He has developed an appreciation for the absurd, with excellent comedic timing and a flavor all his own. Don't be fooled by his charming smile though, underneath his playful exterior lurks a murkier character. Collin has mastered the ability to access his inner demons, expanding his range to be able to inhabit the more sordid realms of the human psyche. His characters are spontaneous, unpredictable, while continuing to be likable and entertaining. Fellow actors have characterized Collin Palomares as being highly committed, and generous actor. He artfully takes his joy and lust for life and infuses it into his acting. He can currently be found honing his skills at Lesly Kahn & Co.

Allison Poccia

"Laura Dern meets Kathryn Hahn and Sarah Jessica Parker in BRIDESMAIDS."

Tami Armitage
Shapiro/West & Associates
(310) 278-8896

Commercial Agent: 
Brandy Wilkerson-Caldwell
Bobby Ball Agency
(818) 506-8188

Direct Contact: 

Nawal Bengholam

"The spicy Moroccan Angelina Jolie with the infectious energy of Isla Fisher."

Nawal Bengholam is originally from Casablanca, Morocco. She grew up there and after high school spent a year in Paris, Madrid and Barcelona, then moved to San Diego and studied pre-med at the University of California, San Diego. She double majored in Animal Physiology & Neuroscience and French Literature.

She got very involved with several non-profit medical organizations such as Medicine for Humanity and The Flying Samaritans and worked on the field as well as behind the scenes in fundraising. Because she is fluent in French and Arabic, she also pursued a successful career in multimedia adapting software to foreign markets, and worked full time while in school.

During her last year at UCSD, she took a couple of acting classes as electives and caught the bug instantly. Even though socially conscious, she decided not to pursue a career in medicine but rather acting which has proven to be a stronger passion. She eventually moved to Los Angeles where she continues to train at Lesly Kahn & Co., the Ivana Chubbuck Studio, Margie Haber Studio, just to name a few. She is currently working on cultivating relationships with Casting Directors through workshops and showcases.

In her spare time, she loves to travel, read, do yoga, and cook big meals, red wine in hand while listening to Andrea Bocelli very loud! And then, there's her love for shoes...

Nicholas Locke

"Modern Dwayne Wayne meets a young Arsenio Hall dressed as Kanye West"

Commercial Representation:
Pam Sparks and Rachele Fink
SBV Talent
(323) 938-6000

Doug Locke

 "A young Denzel Washington with the sensitive style of Taye Diggs, and the gusto of Harold Perrineau"

Theatrical and Commercial Representation:
Garry Purdy
Momentum Talent

Bob McGowan and Steve Rodriguez
McGowan MGMT