Jocelyn Ayanna

"A sweet cocktail of sassy, strong and smart, she's the lovechild of Kathy Bates and Mo'nique!"


Simply put, Jocelyn is fierce. She's strong and intelligent, and while she's usually cast as the boss of something or either the sassy friend or neighbor, the cool thing about Jocelyn is that beneath all the strongblackwomaness of it all, there's an unexpected quirky sweetness. A recovering lawyer who moonlights as a political organizer, she finally answered her heart's call to acting and began her journey in January of 2010. A few months later, she had her first audition and booked it -- a co-star role on NBC's "Outlaw". Since then, she's been fortunate to work on a few short films, webseries, commercials and in 2011, she played Mabel in "Sal", an independent feature directed by James Franco. She's here to stay, Afro and all!!

Since August 8, 2012 she has worked on:

ANGER MANAGEMENT Guest Star (EP 1019) FX / Bob Koherr, Dir.
RAISING HOPE Co-Star (EP 310) FOX / Lee Shallat Chemel, Dir. 
SEE DAD RUN Co-Star (EP 111) NICKELODEON / Jody Margolin Hahn, Dir. 
WORKAHOLICS Co-Star (EP 312) COM. CENTRAL / Christian Hoffman, Dir. 
SHAMELESS Co-Star (EP 309) SHOWTIME / Mark Mylod, Dir.
DON’T TRUST THE B—IN APT. 23 Co-Star (EP 203) ABC / Victor Nelli, Jr., Dir. 
HOW TO LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS Co-Star (EP 102) ABC / Phil Traill, Dir. 
MODERN FAMILY Co-Star (EP 402) ABC / Gail Mancuso, Dir. 
SCANDAL Co-Star (EP 202) ABC / Stephen Cragg, Dir. 
OUTLAW Co-Star (EP 107) NBC / Tim Hunter, Dir.

Andy Senita

"A young, quirky Brad Pitt is Hayley's new boyfriend on Modern Family."

Kendra Ryan

"A younger Julia Louis-Dreyfus with the tender sensibilities of Helen Hunt and a dash of Angie Harmon's toughness."

Trained at the Groundlings and UCB, Lesly Kahn, and Arizona State University. Plays the guitar, sings like a lark, and pumps iron with the boys in the scary free weights section of the gym.

Ericka Kreutz

"The spitfire of Martha Plimpton mixed with the quirkiness of Joan Cusack wrapped in a magical brownie."

Hayley Littman
RPM Talent Agency

Laura Soo Hoo
Reign Agency (Commercial)

Daniel Berson

Zach Galifianakis' long lost brother and Seth Rogen's Rabbi.

Aaron Kogan
Aaron Kogan Management

Daniel Hoff
Daniel Hoff Agency

JT Fletcher

"The younger brother of Chris Evans & Ryan Reynolds who always makes time for the gym and is never late to the frat party!"

Jaclyn Holtzman

"Alyssa Milano and Winona Ryder's younger, more bubbly sister."
Jaclyn is over 18, but often plays high school-aged characters. She's the sweet, bubbly girl-next- door. She recently filmed a PSA for the AIDS Foundation and a spot for Microsoft Hotmail. 

Willie James Warren Jr

"The love child of Ludacris and Cuba Gooding Jr. that gets the ladies wet with his Cheshire grin....AKA, the black Adam Sandler"

Agent: Jessa Swenson & Sekura Williams
Office: 424-354-1699

Manager: Tom Klassen
TMCO CreativeArtsManagement
Office:  (310) 963-5670


Aaron Gaffey

"Denis Leary meets Damian Lewis."
Commercial agent:
Jon Strotheide
JS Represents

Abe Daniels

"Captain America guest-stars on Baywatch"

Primary Wave Entertainment:
Jeff Morrone, Katie Nedberg, Eric Skinner

Theatrical Agent:
Domina Holbeck, Pamela Fisher, Fatmata Kamara
Abrams Artists Agency

Commercial Agent:
Kristin Nava, Peter Novick, Ashley Partington
Abrams Artists Agency

Derek Du Chesne

"The new age James Dean meets Robert Pattinson."

Theatrical Agents:
Patrick Welborn & Mitchell Shankman
Kazarian, Spencer, Ruskin & Associates
11969 Ventura Blvd # 300
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 769-9111
 New York Branch:
Media Arts Building
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New York, NY 10036

Binder & Associates
1465 Lindacrest Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Direct: 310.871.4593

Link to recent work:
March 2012
Previous Commercials:

Ally Marks

"The love child of the Deschanel sisters meets Janeane Garofalo."

Karen Semler
Semler Entertainment

Alycia Stark
Element Talent

An internally occurring 3-Act play in the time it takes to order coffee. Trained at the Groundlings and UCB, Lesly Kahn, Warner Loughlin, Smith College. Plays the accordion, performs improv comedy and stand up, dances--modern, jazz, hip hop and tap, speaks advanced Italian, writes songs about pizza. SAG-AFTRA.

Terry Maratos

"Mark Ruffalo's appeal meets Christopher Lloyd's range."

Theatrical Agent:
Connor Ankrum & Associates

Commercial & Voice Over Agent:
Independent Artist Agency


Nicole Butler


"Femke Janssen meets Minka Kelly in Snow White's Forest.  
She was smart enough to not eat the apple."

Betwixt Talent
Daniel Wojack
(310) 452-3157