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Soo... for a second I thought about going by John Gavin, so don't be fooled by my...

I have been doing commercial work since day one and have booked over 50 spots with Innovative Artist. I also do print work... everything from GQ to Apple...
I grew up in Memphis where I was involved in local theatre and trained in dance through my teenaged years. Funny enough, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue dance, but life quickly redirected me towards acting. I loved it! I took a long break to find the passion that commercial success stole from me (wah wah... I know I sound awful, just honest) and am back in class with Lesly... since Lesly last saw me the
most importantly part of my life story happened! I had an amazing 2 year old daughter who I am absolutely in love with!



Look forward to meeting with you,

Yemi Cole

"The playful soul of Paula Patton meets the kick ass intensity of Zoe Saldana while shopping in Zoe Kravitz's closet." 

NYC Agent:
Shirley Faison

Lena Kay

"The love child of Parker Posey and Tina Fey is an ethnically ambiguous Disney princess...with a prison record."

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Scott Victor Nelson

"A cross between Ed Norton and Ewen McGregor with the wit of Dennis Leary. " 

Steven Neibert

David Ziff

Austin James

"A young Micheal J. Fox and Zac Effron meet at Friday Night Lights."

Nicole Jolley and Milton Perea
AEF youth and young adult division
(323) 939-1188

Richard Konigsberg
RK Management
(310) 433-2474

     Hey everyone! Just to tell you a little about me, I started acting when I was sixteen by participating in a talent competition called THE (which I won). I then went on to act in an Indie film called Supernatural Activity: Return of the Spoof. Also I have done a couple of educational films and regional commercials. I am now living in LA and working on breaking into the market here. Anything else you need to know? email me at

Cat LaCohie

"The essence of Sigourney Weaver teams up with girl-next-door Sandra Bullock - a sexy flirt with an ulterior motive."

Mark Blake