Karalynn Dunton

Theatrical Agent
Stone Manners Salners Agency
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Theatrical Manager
Nick Campbell & Scott Fish
Velocity Entertainment Partners
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Dominique Davis

"Gabrielle Union meets Rihanna in the pages of VOGUE."

Theatrical Management
Untitled Entertainment
Stephanie Simon
Over the last few years I have had a successful career as model creating many lasting relationships with clients on a national and international level. My career has helped contribute to my adaptability and fueled my desire to challenge myself. Most recently as an international DJ, I've honed my live performance skills in some of the most exclusive venues in Hollywood. I believe that these experiences will contribute to my success as an actor. Also, during my brief but exciting time in Los Angeles I've booked a number of high profile national SAG commercials, which include multiple appearances for Target and McDonald's.                                         

Taryn Look


Art/Work Entertainment
Spencer Robinson

Alexandra Henrikson

        "Elizabeth Mitchell meets Nina Arianda."

Hannah Roth
Don Buchwald and Associates
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Ariana Madix

"Michelle Williams meets Chelsea Handler." BOOM.

Kasra Ajir - Velocity Entertainment Partners
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Casey Unterman

"Eric Stoltz meets Dax Shepard with a splash of Bradley Cooper."

Commercial Agent
Chaim Magnum and Robin Harrington
Lemon Lime Talent
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