Iris Huber

"Lucy Hale on GLEE, yup that's me!"

Natalie Burtney

"Young Naomi Watts and Meg Ryan 
Meet on the set of 30-Rock."

The curly-haired, bright-eyed, quirky Natalie Burtney is a recent L.A. transfer from Chicago. Natalie is a classically-trained stage actor, who recently transitioned to film, television and commercials. She is a co-founder of a theatre company, Naked Theatre, where she produced her own work, taught as a theatre-artist and clown. She is also a writer, health/yoga-enthusiast.

Natalie is currently seeking theatrical representation.

Zach Steel

"Seth Rogen meets Danny McBride and fills the void left by Rick Moranis."

Ben Gorman
Pakula King & Associates

Joel Zadak/Bryan Walsh
Principato Young Entertainment

Robin Harrington
Lemon Lime Agency

Taylor Bright

"The love child of  Zoe Saldana and Rosario Dawson with
the playfulness of a cheerio on glee."

Agent: Abrams Artists Agency
Phone: (310)  859-0625

Manager: Anthony Topman,  LA Management
Phone: (818) 230-2037 ext. 706


Eileen Mabel

"A fearless doesn't-take-crap young Jodi Foster with a hint of Emma Stone. One of the guys."

Direct Contact:

Amy E. Kiser

"Amanda Peets meets a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader."



Natalie Harlan West

"The beauty of Emmy Rossum meets the sassiness of Kat Dennings."

McDonald Selznick Agency
(323) 957-6680

Annet McCroskey
Artistic Endeavors 
(310) 326-0323