Jonathan Ohye

"The strength of Daniel Dae Kim, the funny of John Cho."
Theatrical Representation
Kelly Duncan-Joiner/Tom Chasin
The Chasin Agency
(310) 278-7506

Commercial Representation
Wendy Morrison - On Camera
Sandy Schnarr/Peter Varano - Voice Over
AVO Talent
(310) 360-7680

James MacEwan


"Ewan McGregor's pub side-kick... Jason Statham meets Ricky Gervais."

Direct Phone: (714) 330-8892 

Originating in the same small African country as Charlize Theron, Arnold Vosloo, Dave Matthews and approximately 51,000,000 slightly less famous people, I have been performing all my life. I entered the industry at the Peoples Theatre in Johannesburg where I received a Naledi nomination for Best Newcomer for my role as 'Mr Plod' in NODDY, staying on to perform in over twelve productions for them. I played both 'Eddie' and 'Dr Scott' in the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and 'Sonny' in GREASE for the Barnyard Theatres. A couple of highlights for me were playing 'Walter' in the Woody Allen show DON'T DRINK THE WATER directed by the great Bill Flynn and my performance as Ray Dooley in the Irish dark comedy THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE.

Joshua Gunning

Luber Roklin Entertainment
(p): 573.286.1515

Dear Potential Career Partner,

I am not your average actor. I learned quickly that to succeed in this town, you should not rely on an agent, a friend, or even your own talent. To succeed, I’ve learned you must persist, push, keep improving, and even go out of your way to create your own quality content. 

For the past 6 months I’ve been developing a web series spending most of the time writing, re-writing, and saving funds to produce the project. We recently shot the first two episodes that we plan to use to raise more funds through Kickstarter. I went so far as to land Gerry Bednob of 40 Year Old Virgin as a Guest Star for the first two episodes. 

All I ask of you, is that you take the time to meet with me so that you can see my passion, dedication, and talent. I am a person willing to go the extra mile then more to make acting a successful career for myself. 

Not only do I have a very brand-able look, I also have the brains to back it up. I am currently finishing my MBA, which will be complete in June. I plan to use this not as a back up, but as a tool to boost my career in the entertainment industry as a whole to both produce content and act. In other words, I am an actor that will make your job easier while representing me.

Thank you for taking the time to review my resume and headshot. I have put a lot of work into training and I am ready to make a break for success and I’m sure with your guidance, we will make that happen.


Joshua Gunning 

Kevin Garbee

"Ed Helms meets a hetero Sean Hayes."


Daily Talent (Gail Marx)

Brady, Brannon & Rich

Kelley Jakle

"The love child of Anna Camp and Kristen Bell on a soccer field."

Michele Large
Epic Talent Management
(310) 800-8208

Deanna Noe

"The grace, poise and looks of Jessica Chastain
combined with the spunk and edge of Juliette Lewis."

Colin Contreary

"Young Michael Bay meets Jim from THE OFFICE."

Commercial Agent:
Jordan McKirahan

I'm lucky enough to spend my days working on THE SIMPSONS and my nights performing improv and sketch comedy. My job is nice enough to allow me to audition for anything that comes up, and I take them up on it. I love writing and performing and look forward to any opportunities to do either.

Chelsea Frank

"Kat Dennings meets young Minnie Driver."

Barbara Stark, Manager

90210 Talent Agency
Theo Caesar, Theatrical

Hi there! Born and raised in LA, I decided to leave home at age fourteen to study theatre at Idyllwild Arts Academy, a pre-professional arts boarding high school with an international student body and a lot of weirdos. I then went on to obtain my Bachelor's in Psychology and Sociology from New York University. I spent over half of my time there abroad in Italy and Germany with a summer internship working for a mental institution in Udaipur, India. It was nuts. No pun intended. I love traveling, eating, and scuba diving. I currently study with Lesly Kahn, UCB, UCLA Screenwriting, and watch a lot of "I Used to be Fat"- super inspiring stuff. 

Katy Colloton

"A brunette Ellie Kemper mixed with the neuroses of Claire Danes"

Molly Mandel and Josh Rudnick
Mosaic Management
(310) 786-4900

Commercial Agent:
Mandy Rice
(818) 953-7850

Shannon Hollander

"The allure of Alyssa Milano with the sweetness and sass of Rachel McAdams"

Shannon Hollander honed her craft in Chicago, earning a degree in theatre performance and rhetorical criticism from Loyola University. She went on to study at the British American Dramatic Academy, and the acclaimed School at Steppenwolf. Favorite roles include Viola in Twelfth Night performed with Montana Shakespeare in the Parks (director Joel Jahnke), Des in New World Order (a Chicago Premiere), and Christine in Assisted Living performed with Profiles Theatre in Chicago (director Joe Jahraus, World premiere play, Jeff award winner for "Best New Work"). Look out for Shannon in the upcoming webseries Day Job Support Group. 

Ryan Salonen

"Josh Hutcherson meets the captain of the football team who gets straight A's and takes the girl in the wheelchair to prom."

Sharon Rose
(818) 817-7598

Dave Levine

"Will Sasso meets Kevin James on your favorite TV sitcom."

Tel: 818-209-6571

Theatrical Representation:
 Courtney Peldon
Aqua Talent

Commercial Representation: 
Hugh Leon
Coast to Coast

Peter Scott
Torque Entertainment

Actors Access Resume
Comedy Reel
Drama Reel

Kipleigh Brown

"Elle Woods with an edge meets Emily Deschanel from BONES."

Kipleigh is originally from Chicago, and studied at Second City and the Steppenwolf Theatre. She is a comedic and dramatic actress, as well as sketch comedian, improvisor, impressionist, stand-up comic and amateur particle physicist. Every Sunday at 9:00 Kipleigh performs in Top Story! Weekly at the IO West in Hollywood. Top Story! Weekly presents a brand new sketch show every week based on news, pop-culture and current events. The Los Angeles Times says "Catch it before 'Saturday Night Live' cannibalizes the cast!" 3 time Critic's Pick and "Red-hot weekly satire!" says LA Citybeat. To be honest, Kipleigh is a little worried about this cannibal thing... 

Her interests include: listing her interests and staring menacingly at your house.

Ruthy Otero

"A Latina Carol Burnett."

Theatrical Agent
Jeff Wolfman
Fred R. Price Talent Agency
T: 818-284-2752

Commercial Agent
Innovative Artists
T: 310-656-5100

Ashley Leggat

Theatrical Manager
Burstein Company
Joannie Burstein

Toronto Theatrical Agent
Faith Halman

Lindsey Kraft

SDB Partners
Ro Diamond
(310) 785-0060

Luber Roklin Entertainment 
Matt Luber & Stephanie Moy
(310) 855-2213

Briana Lane

Ellis Talent Group
(818) 980-8072

Justice & Ponder
(323) 951-0206

Actress, Singer, Host.

Recurring on NBC's THE NEW NORMAL.

Erin Maxick

g meets Vera F
Commercial Agent
Alicia Ruskin

Caleb Hunt

'Viggo Mortensen meets Ethan Hawk in HALF NELSON or THE TUDORS.'

Mike Eisenstadt
Amsel Eisenstadt & Frazier (AEF)
(323) 939-1188

J.P. Henraux
(818) 512-4278

'PERCEPTION' EP. 206 / Guest Star (Chad) / TNT Network

Ben Winston


"If Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal's baby played Schmidt on NEW GIRL."

Milton Perea and Nicole Jolley
Amsel, Eisenstadt, and Frazier Talent Agency
(Youth and Young Adult Division)

Greg Wapnick
Luber Roklin Entertainment

Josh Cooke