Jessica Duffy

"The love child of Keri Russel and Connie Britton with the quirkiness of Kyra Sedgwick." 

Julia Parmeter
The Parmeter Group
(310) 922-2391

Commercial Agent:
Sumer Stamper
JLA Talent
(310) 276-5677

Maahra Hill

"The love child of Reese Witherspoon and Kerri Washington as Dr. Miranda Bailey".

Commercial Agents: Doug Ely, Pamela Porter, Mike Abrams
AKA Talent Agency

Chad Lewis

"Zachary Quinto meets Sean Hayes as the newest cast member on The Big Bang Theory."

After living in New York City for 13 years, working as a successful Broadway Stage Manager, I packed up and headed for sunny LA hoping to land some production work in Film and TV.  However, destiny had a different plan in store for me.  I fell into the hosting world and started working on various projects ranging from HGTV to a Web Series for curvy women.  Receiving positive accolades for my work, I was encouraged to explore acting and comedy.  That’s when I met Lesly, who boldly began to give me the tools needed to be a successful actor in LA.  I’m having a blast watching this new world unfold.  My goal is to put myself out there, have no expectations and see what comes to me all while enjoying my new LA lifestyle.  

Kelsey Formost

"If Anna Kendrick was Ellie Kemper's little sister."

Manager: Luber Roklin Entertainment

Theatrical: Greater Vision Artists (GVA Agency)

Commercial: House of Representatives

Anna Gillcrist

"The sarcasm and sass of Zoey Lister-Jones meets the comedic style/timing of Wendi McLendon-Covey."

Tim Stafford

"Damian Lewis meets Jay Mohr at The Office." 

Commercial Agent
Chrissy Eaden

Texas Agent
Pat Skiles

Reel Links: Comedic & Dramatic

Ariana Brown

"The love child of Minka Kelly and Jennifer Esposito moves in as the new neighbor that every guy loves on NEW GIRL."

Sean Edwards

"David Schwimmer meets Ed Helms in Woody Allen's next film."

Pantheon Talent

Jason Heymann

"A young Paul Rudd meets Ty Burrell 
as your newly minted politician."

Gary Ousdahl and Gary Reichman
Advanced Management
(818) 333 1500

Commercial Agency:
Jordan McKirahan
(818) 955 8350

Samantha Simon

Emily Blunt meets a young Jodie Foster.

Christine Martin
Martin Management

Julie Lake

"A young Anna Gunn meets Carrie-Anne Moss in a comedy."

Theatrical Agent
Brianna Ancel
Clear Talent Group
(818) 509-0121

Tash Moseley
Tash Moseley Management
(213) 986-8274

Commercial Agent
Janet Tsha
Arlene Thornton & Associates
(818) 760-6688

Allison Powell

"Alison Brie meets a young Emily Blunt."

Bruce Sears 
Reign Agency 

Krystal Vee

"Eva Longoria meets Olivia Munn"

Talent Agent Theatrical
Amy Pierce
Patrick Welborn
Allegory Creative Management

Commercial Agent
Jordan McKirahan

Bridget Peterson

 "The love child of Jessica Chastain and January Jones." 

Contact: Jared Schwartz 
(424) 571-7108

Commercial Agent:
 SBV Talent
Contact: Rachele Fink
(323) 938-6000

Zachary Tomlinson

"Kevin James meets Mr. Incredible."

Hugh Lawton

"Liev Schreiber meets Rowan Atkinson."

Michael Meir Saltzman

"The long-lost, college-grad, more responsible brother of Seth Rogen, Zach Galifianakis, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Josh Gad."

Theatrical Representation
Amy Howard
HTG Artists

Commercial Representation
Rachel Schkurman and Kabir Mohindra

Daryn Simons
Acting Out Management

Kristina Ho

  "The feisty, loud-mouthed, little sister of Grace Park."

Breanna Bell 
Defining Artists Agency

Epic Talent Manage

Valerie Chiovetti
KMR Talent 

Andrew Dits


          "The goofy love child of Jon Hamm and Joe Manganiello."

Thomas Cook
Sovereign Talent Group
310-474-4000 ext 22

Marco Cuadros
Immortal Artists

Pat Brannon 
Brady, Brannon & Rich
323-852-9559 ext 4511 

Eddie Vona

"Ray Romano's nephew meets a young John Cryer on the set of THE BIG BANG THEORY."

Commercial Agent: 

Curtis Hayes
Gar Lester Agency

Nick Cardiff

"The science teacher you actually want to sleep with."

Commercial Agent
Sabrina Sparlin
Network Talent

Gautam Pandit

"If Koothrappali was Mindy's long lost brother."
Nila Najand
Nth Degree Entertainment

Gautam, also known as Gogo, is a very charismatic actor that has recently graduated from USC. He hosted two live shows at USC for the past two years while acting in various commercials and short films. With his fresh look and his comedic and dramatic abilities, this young man will make sure any audience will be entertained. 

Nida Khurshid

"Modern day Princess Jasmine who's the nice one in the Mean Girls clique."

Amy Howard
HTG Artists (theatrical and commercial rep)

Dolores Cantu
Candu Management

Carol Scott
CESD (modeling rep)



Sara Mountjoy-Pepka

"If Kristen Wiig and Keira Knightley opened up a farmers co-op."

Always funny, occasionally sexy.
Sara Mountjoy-Pepka hails from Seattle, where she was an active and charismatic member of the theater, improvisation, and on-camera communities. She is equally comfortable doing Shakespeare, spit-takes, and spit-takes in Shakespeare. Sara is particularly well-known for her comedic physicality as an alumni of the Unexpected Productions/Seattle TheatreSports ensemble and has performed mime with symphony orchestras throughout North America, Europe, and Asia as a member of Magic Circle Mime Co. Now in Los Angeles, look for Sara as the lead in the two upcoming webseries' The Hunt and We'll Be Back.

Alina Bock

 "Kristen Wiig and Marlene Dietrich's lovechild with a dark sense of humor."

Brian Colbert Kennedy

"An urban barista Adam Brody who will cook your meth and trouble shoot your Mac."

Commercial Agent:
Alycia Stark
 Stark Talent