Kaycee Campbell

"A Sassy Kyla Pratt meets Wanda Sykes who isn't afraid to tell it like it is in the office (or in the office)."

Rodney Chester
Trio Talent Agency

LaVon Wageman

"An ethnically ambiguous Julia Louis-Dreyfus meets the type A personality of Lea Michele in Glee."

Agent (Commercial):
 Ray Cavaleri
(818) 571-5173

Marie Pilkington

"Susan Sarandon meets Dixie Carter for 
Double Southern Strength"

Chris Roth
Avant Artists, LLC

I have a fantastic story, get to know me at Marie Pilkington Actor

Andrew Villarreal

"Young and Broody Robert Downey Jr. on the weekends but shows up to the office on Monday a bright, bushy and eccentric new office intern `a la Jim Parsons."

Hannah Tamminen

"America's Answer to Rebecca Ferguson."

Commercial Agent:
Larry Wiedemann
Mazlea Talent Agency, LLC
(310) 943-4959


Recent graduate of MFA Acting program from UC-San Diego / La Jolla Playhouse