Gregory Thirloway

"John C McGinley as Attorney by day / Pageant Consultant by night."

David Ankrum
Connor/Ankrum Agency 

Josh Kaplan

"Mark Ruffalo and Jake Johnson's chill younger brother."

 Commercial Agent
Rachele Fink

Ben Summers

       "A baby Gene Wilder that meets Michael Cera's charm."

Commercial Agent:Brandie Ilsen
(310) 601-2532

Dan March

"Mark Addy's taller cousin who's seen the inside of a gym...once"

Lesa Kirk
Open Entertainment
(323) 378 5361

Dan has a Masters in French from Oxford University before he trained at drama school in London.
Dan will be returning as the Recurring Guest Star (Martin) in the hugely popular and award-winning BBC TV show "So Awkward" during Spring/Summer 2016.
Other TV work includes: guest star roles in major award winning UK sitcoms including "Miranda" (BBC),  the BAFTA winning "Spy" (SKY1), "The Royal Bodyguard" (BBC) & "Pramface" (BBC) as well as Sketch Comedy shows "Well Funny People" (BBC), "In Case You Missed It" (BBC) and "Fool Britannia" (ITV).
He has been a recurring guest star in "EastEnders" and guest starred in "Casualty", "Down To Earth" and "Doctors" - four of the longest running and most popular soap operas in the UK.
Recent film roles include Detective Inspector Evans - supporting lead - in "Candlestick" (Workbus Films) and Sonny's father in 'Molly Moon - The Incredible Hypnotist".
Dan has appeared in dozens of commercials -  recently as a distracted lawyer for "McDonald's", a clumsy dad for "Direct Line Insurance" and a cheeky boss for "Weetabix". 
Live performance: He has performed stand-up comedy in the UK and USA, ten years at the Edinburgh Fringe including two self-penned solo shows "My Myspace Baby" ( ‘brilliantly witty…hilarious caricatures’ Daily Telegraph; ‘a beguiling show, 4*’, Evening Standard) and "Goldrunner" (5* Myspace Comedy), three sketch shows and improv shows.  Countless theatre shows including the award-nominated "Lovepuke" (Stage Best Ensemble Award) and the recent sell-out, critically acclaimed UK Tour of "Instructions for American Servicemen" - which he co-wrote with his sketch group The Real MacGuffins (UK New Sketch Act of the Year Finalists). 

Nina Senicar

"A Bond girl cocktail of Margot Robbie and Sofia Vergara."

Nick Roses
Pantheon Talent
(310) 461 3651

Michael Greenwald
Endorse Management Group
(310) 614 6545

NTA Talent
(323) 969 0113

Natalie Otano

Theatrical Agent:
Yasmine Pearl 
The Osbrink Agency
P: (818) 655-0602 

Commercial Agent:
Carol Lynn Sher
CESD Talent Agency
P: (310) 475 2111

Manny Arca
Dolphin Talent
P: (404) 822-9652


Mara Davi

"Julianne Moore's daughter who will give you a big hug...maybe with a knife."

Theatrical Agent:
Stone Manners Salners
323-655-1313 (LA)
212-505-1400 (NY)

Beth Rosner Management

Los Angeles: Kevin Motley
(323) 850-6767

New York: Doug Kesten and Stacye Mayer
(212) 897-6400

Gabriel Thibodeau

"A cuddly, bearded Will Sasso."

Burgandi Trejo Phoenix

Branding Avatar Talent Management
Steve Owens
7083 Hollywood Blvd
Ste. WeWork
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Van Shotwell-Manager 
     (Southern U.S. Region only)
Duke and Sterling

Hi, I'm Burgandi! I am a transplant from Tucson, Az and am proud to call LA my home of 6 years! I am an actress, singer and dancer, (yes, I REALLY do all 3), the brand ambassador for, a contributing writer for Ms. In The Biz and I love to make people laugh! I am a complete klutz, a sassy smart-ass and I often daydream that I am a spy or, an action hero. I grew up on the classics and Carol Burnette, Audrey Hepburn, Debbie Reynolds and Meryl Streep, are my top inspirational women. I am obsessed with the acting of Marlon Brando, Gene Kelley, Gary Oldman, Tom Hanks and Dustin Hoffman, just to name a few. I love animals, I do what I can to save the earth and the world and am a huge health nut. I love meeting and collaborating with likeminded, artistic folks and love being part of a team full of professionals, that don't take themselves too seriously. My dream character role as an actress, would be the role of, Aileen Wuornos, 
the character that Charlize Theron portrayed in the film 'Monster'. 

Ward Sorrick

"Fred Savage meets a young Ron Livingston."

LA Agent:
John Kelly
Bresler-Kelly & Associates 

SF Agent: 
Dee Dee Escobedo
JE Talent

My name is Ward Sorrick, and I am an Ivy-Leauge trained engineer turned cell phone store sales manager turned feature film producer turned actor! Before focusing my attention on my acting career, I produced a feature film called Bar America, founded a theater-based performance group called The Collective Forge, managed a team of sales associates at various AT&T cell phone stores in the Bay Area, and drove taxi boats on a lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Currently, I ride horses in Griffith Park once a week, do marketing and advertising in LA for SOMA Magazine, and think of myself as an Olympic Actor. I cultivate discipline rather than motivation and hope to one day own a cowboy ranch in Wyoming where I can host executive retreats.

Kristin Slaysman

"A young Jane Curtin meets Michelle Pfeiffer."

Tom Bixby
(424) 343-0723

Commercial Agent:
Jennifer York
(310) 432-7800

VO Agent:
David Salazar
(310) 432-7800

Amos Vernon

"Jim Carrey meets Peter Krause with a dash of Michael Shannon."
John Griffin
Olivia Gerke
3Arts Entertainment
Laura Soo Hoo
Reign Agency

Hello! Amos here. A bit about me. I was born and raised in North Carolina. I went to college at UC Berkeley where I double majored in Spanish and Peace and Conflict Studies (I know, I know, the most Berkeley major ever). Then I spent a year leading study abroad programs for American high school students in Argentina. Like, can you even believe how interesting I am?
In 2009 I moved to NYC to pursue comedy, where I became a house performer at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater, began writing for The Onion, and founded the sketch comedy group Boat.
After five years of climbing the NYC comedy mountain, I moved to LA to take things to the next level. So here I am! Performing at UCB-LA, training at the Kahnstitute, developing a TV show with my sketch group, auditioning, and writing comedy full time. And I've only just begun! 
Let's do this thing.

 I mean, damn. Just look at this guy.

Daliya Karnofsky

"The younger sister of Amy Sedaris and Patricia Clarkson"

Gary Burkhard at Alan Siegel Entertainment
Phone: 310-278-8400
Commercial Rep
Lynn Eriks at Howard Talent West
Phone: 818-766-5300

Harrison Givens

"The intensity of Ed Harris meets the wit of David Hyde Pierce"

Workaholic hyphenate devoted to creating charming, witty, and intelligent comedic content with a deep emotional foundation. Conquering the world one nervous breakdown at a time.


Izzy Frisoli

"Marion Cotillard meets Cobie Smulders on 'Freaks and Geeks'."

Kamar Elliott

"Derek Luke meets Donald Faison."

Commercial Agent:
Momentum Talent Agency

Johnathan Brugal

"If Sam Rockwell or Jason Segel got to play Iron Man."

Commercial Agent
Laura Soo Hoo


Tori Desma

"Katie Lowes sweet with Minnie Driver spunk." 

Victoria Wilburn
Artisan Ave, LLC. 

Commercial Agent
Alycia Stark
Stark Talent Agency 

Demo Reel

Resume Link

Ryan Scharoun

"A delicious dad cocktail of Luke Wilson, Bradley Cooper, and John Corbett."

Synergy Talent
Karl Hofheinz

Puddle Management
Adam Thomas

Jennifer York (On-Camera)
Trish Ryan (Voiceover)

Derek Carley

"Ryan Gosling meets John Krasinski with a splash of Reid Scott's wit."


Michael Einfeld
Michael Einfeld Management

Los Angeles Commercial
Kim Gola
ABA Talent

New York Theatrical
Michael Kirsten
Harden-Curtis Associates

Jenna Carley

"Allison Williams with the warmth of Jennifer Garner and the charm of Jennifer Aniston."


Lainie Sorkin Becky
Management 360

Maureen Rose
The Osbrink Agency


Rosemary Brownlow

   "A funny Tilda Swinton."

Theatrical Rep:
Jodie Bowman and Alisa Taylor
Brady, Brannon and Rich
(323) 852-9559

Commercial Rep:
Peter Novick
Abrams Artists Agency
(310) 859-1417
Abrams Website